What Can I Use Instead Of Snagit?

Snagit has turned out to be a great alternative for the screenshot option. In Windows, if you want to capture anything going-on on your screen, you just need to Snagit! It is an excellent choice but due to its high prices, people look for reasonable or free Snagit Alternatives. To opt best just scroll down.


What is Techsmith Snagit?

Snagit is a screen-capturing software, which helps people to capture audio, video, and images on the computer. You can compile some videos and images and create a video altogether. IT was initially created keeping in mind the requirements of Windows OS, yet now it has come out with compatibility with Mac OS as well. It is lightweight, simple, and very easy to use software, which allows you to capture anything on the screen, whether it is from a social media site, YouTube, or your own computer system. Its price is also quite reasonable in the long run and you can use the TechSmith coupon code to avail of extra discount on it.


Yet, there are some drawbacks or shortcomings in Snagit, that one might want to overcome. For e.g., Snagit does not come with an in-built video editor, unlike some of its competitors. In order to overcome the shortcomings of Snagit, one might search for better alternatives for Snagit. Some of the best alternatives have been mentioned below.


The Alternatives Of Snagit


ScreenRec is an app that comes with versions for Windows, Mac OS as well as Linux. This is also considered one of the best Camtasia alternatives. It comes with an in-built editor, which helps you to edit the videos and images that you have obtained as a result of the screen capture. Its other features are mentioned below.

It uploads your videos and images to the cloud simultaneously so that they are not lost in case of data loss.

It is a very easy-to-use app and has a mind-blowing user interface that can be used easily by anyone.

It comes with a screenshot annotation tool. You can add text and comments and draw various shapes on the photo or the video.

You can record the audio of the system, the audio from your mic, or both the audios simultaneously.

It also allows you to record HD videos using your webcam.


Windows snipping tools

It is the pre-loaded tool in Windows that lets you take a screenshot of your PC screen and then edit it according to your requirements. You do not have to install any other software or pay for extra services. Features-

You can take a photo of your PC screen as it is.

You can edit its shape, size, pixels, etc.

You can add annotation, text, captions, etc. to the image.

You can also copy the image to Clipboard and then paste it anywhere you want to.

It is a basic screen-capturing tool and is best if you want a free version for your basic requirements. However, it does not come with high-level image editing or compilation, or any such feature.


It is another free-to-use software that can be found on the Google Chrome Web store. It allows you to take a screenshot of your PC screen and then generates a link that can be shared and also uploads the image to the server. Features

The screenshot is uploaded to the server and a shareable link is generated for the same.

It can act as a powerful search feature for you. You can search for images that are similar to your screenshot.

It is easy to use and anyone gets easily gets hold of it.

It comes with an online editor which helps you to change the basic specifications of the image according to your needs.

Although not as feature-packed software as Snagit, Lightshot is a basic free-to-use screen capturing and editing tool which can be used for general and basic purposes by people who don’t want to spend money on it.


It is a screen recording tool that lets you create videos as well as images out of the recordings of your PC’s screen. It is a good option when a person wants to interact using a video and enhance communication. Features-

You can also add the video recorded from the webcam into the screen recording.

The microphone can be used to record your own sound or any other external sound, besides the system’s own audio.

After the recording, you are provided a link of the same that can be shared on the internet.

You can edit the specifications of your video with its tools according to your requirements.

You can even add passwords to your video so that only a few people can have access to it.

People who see your video on the platform of Loom can even add comments and emojis to it to give their reviews regarding the video.


The shutter is another free-to-use open-source software, which can be used for taking screenshots of the screen of your PC. Features-

You can take a screenshot of the area that you desire, be it a part or corner of the screen or the whole screen.

You can edit your image with regard to its shape, size, dimensions, etc.

You can add various effects to it, and other inputs such as text, callouts, and clouds, drawings, and highlighting of points, etc. to make the screenshot more presentable.

You can upload your image directly to any platform.

Shutter gives you the complete solution from taking the screenshot to uploading it under one single window. It is an easy-to-use and free tool that can be sufficeable for your basic requirements.


Greenshot is another screen capturing software that is compatible only with Windows. Thus, if you use Windows OS and are looking for an alternative to Snagit, you may find it a worthy choice. Features-

It is a very easy-to-use software that can come in handy if you want to capture the screen of your Windows PC.

It is quite lightweight and does not take up much space causing problems for your PC.

It is the basic software that does a little but is good at doing what it does.

Although, it is a drawback that Greenshot doesn’t help capturing videos and is only compatible with Windows.

Wrap Up – Snagit Alternatives

Thus, we have read about many free as well as paid apps which come as a great alternative to Snagit. Some apps even have built-in editors in them, unlike Snagit. Thus, you can always jump to the better option according to your requirements.


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