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Mayank Jaiswal

My name is Mayank Jaiswal, I am from Kanpur, as far as my background is concerned, I am a graduate person. one year ago when I completed my graduation in 2019, I was very excited about the digital world, I had much more interest in online things. Then I learned a lot of things in my life with the help of the internet. And then I had decided that if I would do any work then I would go through online because I do not like fieldwork like going around and do office work. And as you can see, in the present time there is more scope in the digital world.

After taking this decision, I never looked back, and then I started learning digital marketing. Friends, I want to tell you that in the present time there is a lot of money and scope in digital marketing. After taking all these decisions, I learned digital marketing like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, PPC Google Ads, Email Marketing, Website Development, etc. It got to learn a total of 6 to 8 months to learn all these skills. Now I had to practice on live projects and learn a lot, so I thought why not work for a few months. So I started my first job, I worked in an SEO company around 6 months, where I got to learn a lot and work on a live project and websites. After working for 6 months and learning a lot of things, then I started my own website, Gadget Groot. Friends, today I have learned very much and I have also worked on the many websites and YouTube channels before, I have a lot of experience and knowledge. Today I started my own website, where I write blogs and articles related to mobile gadgets and phone accessories. Friends, on this website you will find a lot of articles and blogs, in which there is a lot of information about mobile phone accessories. If you have an interest in Android gadgets and accessories and mobile devices, then you go and read my blogs and you will get a lot of valuable content there. Mayank Jaiswal So far as I shared more and more about myself with the people, and I hope that you too have felt very good about reading my story. May I still pray and keep trying to do it myself. You want to tell people more that if you want to continue growing in your life, then start learning from today. Friends, if you learn small things, you will grow a lot in your life in the coming time and this is my personal experience.