Website Design Tips to Boost Sales In 2021

Website Design Tips

The eCommerce industry is rapidly growing every passing year. When it comes to your business, it might not be running at a similarly rapid pace. How do you think your eCommerce website could grow exponentially? Here is how a good website design tips can help you in boosting your product sales. 

Good website design is one of the most impactful tools for the growth of an eCommerce business. every aspect matters right Web Application from your eCommerce business, company logo to the entire website appearance and usability. Everything in the interim should be designed smartly to have the right kind of design implemented for your eCommerce Website.


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Let us find the right tips to let you have the best website design for your eCommerce website-

Website Design Tips

  • Optimize your website speed ||Website Design Tips

For letting your business stand strong, you must think of having a stronger website. if the users find the website not so interesting with the terrible loading speed, they might not stay for long. According to Stanford, 75% of internet users will make judgments about a business’s credibility based solely on how their website looks. If your eCommerce website is taking more than 4 seconds to load, you have already lost about 25% of your potential viewers, as tough as it sounds, website load time plays an extraordinary role in customer engagement. Invest in overcoming the issue is arising. 


  • Customer Targeting Techniques

It’s a known fact that retaining existing customers are more cost-effective than acquiring new ones. If you wish to grow your eCommerce business emphasize on repeat customers, build your marketing strategies around the retaining the associated customers. Two of the best possible strategies for engaging with existing customers include remarketing ads and email campaigns. So, once you start receiving more traffic, the first thing which can appeal to the users is the UI. An eye-catching design can help the audience build a connection to the brand and keep their mind fresh.


  • Enable Mobile Access 

Today, accessing the internet has become a bit different than the good old desktop searching. Over the years, the number of users accessing the internet through desktop has declined dramatically, while more people access the internet through their mobile devices, especially with convenient mobile apps. When you build an eCommerce site it better has to be mobile optimized, while your website design should be responsive. Make sure the user hire you as their eCommerce web developers for their next project.


  • Information-Packed Landing Page 

No matter how good you are, nothing will come to power until you present yourself the way it is required! Let the littlest thing come alive with an information-packed landing page displaying your USPs and services along with the projects you’ve worked on, client testimonials, and the reputed awards and accolades won so far. Every element of your website must be focused on your service pages either with some details mentioned on the same page or redirecting the user to a specific page through a call to action button. As most users search for the budget, try providing them information on how much to make a web app. Also, remember you must have a clear message visible through the landing page, avoid any sort of distraction to your user, be precise in terms of the query form (if attached on the landing page itself) as nobody likes to go through an array of questions while they’re still searching for the right web application development company California or anywhere they wish to.


  • Provide clear navigation.

By keeping your menu clear and organized and using jargon that your consumers are familiar with (e.g. “Main Menu,” “Apparel,” etc.), you can greatly improve the user experience you have to offer. Also make sure that your product pages are well structured as well, as you would not want your users to get confused when they have found their product of choice almost.


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  • Communicate and Improve 

You can improve through customer feedback and build a better bond by communicating with your customer and letting them have a personalized experience every time they shop. A great strategy to be followed here can be looking at a customer’s abandoned cart. Well, the products added in the cart of wish-listed are the ones that your customers want but haven’t made the purchase. There can be a lot of factors that can lead customers to cancel purchases or do not make purchases at all. You can send emails/ text messages and notifications to your customer to complete their purchase or reveal the reason what held them back from making the purchase. For instance, you can ask your customers the following questions to ask for feedbacks- 

  • Is it confusing?
  • Does it take too many steps to complete?
  • Is it too slow to load?
  • Is the process buggy? 

Let your customers choose you for their next eCommerce website development! 

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