Pros and Cons of Tesvor Robot Vacuums

It comes as no surprise that technology exists to make our life easier in every possible way. With this article, I am going to help you evaluate the wonder that is the robot vacuum. These are small machines that vacuum the house for you – yes, you read this well – it will change your way of cleaning, forever!

There are several kinds of robot vacuums, but all of them share the same definition – these are intelligent programming and limited vacuum floor cleaning systems. In 1990, the first company (and the one responsible for creating this innovation) was iRobot. The roboticists in charge originally dedicated their work to making robots for military and domestic use, but in 2002 they launched the Roomba – which ended up changing the world.


Tesvor Robot Vacuums


Nowadays, there are multiple companies working around ways to modernize these devices, and people have surrendered to these little helpers. In this article, we are exploring the Chinese brand Tesvor, evaluating its Pros and Cons so you can make an informed decision before investing in one of their vacuums.

If you are one of those people who hates vacuuming the house, stick around, because this article is for you!


What You Need to Know About Tesvor

Founded in 2014 under the motto “More family time, less cleaning“, Tesvor Robotics is a company that designs and builds cleaning robots to liberate us from the boredom that is vacuuming our houses.

So far, they have created six tesvor robot vacuums, all of them aiming to protect our backs and arms from hours of stretching, and also providing the safest option to stop the constant damaging of furniture – some of them are even controlled by an app. That’s right, you can control them with your phone! The prices can go from 199$ up to 419$ – this way, you can choose the model that fits your lifestyle better and there are options for every wallet.

Tesvor works with several strategic partners like Epson, LG, Everlight, and for the distribution of their products they can count on companies like Amazon, eBay, or even Walmart.


The Pros and Cons Debate

This new way of cleaning houses certainly comes in handy! All Tesvor models incorporate many intelligent features such as a water tank control for the mopping function, gyro navigation around the house, fall prevention sensors, and a scanning distance tool to avoid hitting the objects on display.

Although this genius revolution can change our lives, we must be aware of the Pros and Cons. If you are looking to buy one of these vacuums, you should read this list carefully.



  • Very easy to use, as it adapts well to every kind of space;
  • Works quietly due to its silent technology;
  • It can fit (and clean) under any type of furniture;
  • Easily vacuums pet air;
  • Good battery life and overall performance;
  • With the App, you can have access to real-time mapping, set your cleaning plan, check the cleaning status at any time, and also remotely control the robot.



  • It can get lost and have trouble finding its way around the house;
  • Could get stuck on the carpet or rug;
  • Sometimes it can have problems finding its way back to the charging station – this can compromise the cleaning performance.


Overall Conclusions

At the end of the day, the decision is yours to make. My goal here was to guide you within the world of robot vacuums. If everything goes as planned, you can now evaluate your needs for a cleaning device, regarding important details like the price you are willing to pay, the tools that best fit your home situation, or even if this is a good option for your family.

Whatever you decide, I hope this article has helped you clear up some doubts and that you can rest assured that you made the right choice!

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