Striker to be flicked or pushed? Learn the carrom striker rules to play well

Carrom is popular in Asian and European countries and it is played with friends and family. It has minimum rules and it is a game full of excitement. In the game of carrom, the striker plays an important role in winning the carrom game. When a person begins to play the game, then there is always confusion that the striker should be flicked or pushed and what are the points associated with the carrom striker rules.  

Most of the people play the games for enjoyment and some competitive play. If you want to show that you are better than others, then you have to learn some tricks. Otherwise, you might not be interested in playing the game. When you play the carrom, you don’t need any special tips and tricks to win the game.

If you are a beginner in the carrom, you can begin just by knowing the rules of the carrom. You can first practice all the rules on your own. You can bend the rules in the beginning and use them efficiently, then you will know which trick you can use better. After this, you can participate in competitions and tournaments.

Striker flick or pushed?

When you read the carrom striker rules, you will come to know that the striker in the carrom game must be flicked and not pushed. There are many ways of sticking the finger with only one of your fingers. Initially, you should try all the ways, then decide which style will be perfect for you or which style will improve your accuracy.

There are a few things that are important no matter what method you choose to play:

  1. The striking hand should be steady with either the edge of your palm, your thumb or non-striking fingers, it ensures that the striker is flicked, not pushed.
  2. You have to make sure that the striking finger is close to the striker and touch it if it is possible. It will propel the striker without hurting our fingers or hand. If your finger is away from the striker, you can flick it with your nail and hit the striker but it will cause pain or might damage your finger. And it would lead you to avoid this game.
  3. The forearm of your striking hand can touch the frame of the board.
  4. The elbow is not allowed to be put inside the board or frame.
  5. The imaginary diagonal lines that are drawn from the center of the board to each bottom pocket should not be touched by your body part.
  6. You have to propel the striker in the right direction at the right speed.
  7. You have to put an appropriate amount of force on the striker or it will not take men to the pockets and you will waste your turn. 

Where should the striker hit the carrom piece?

If you are pocketing pieces in the straight path between the striker and the pocket in which you have been hitting is the correct place, then you can put a piece outside the imaginary triangles that form the areas for straight striker shots. 

Cut: In this rule, you have to place the striker just behind the carrom men with the string cutting the diameter of the striker and diameter of the carrom men. You have to put appropriate pressure so that the striker arrives again at this point and hits the carrom men. This is known as a cut.

Straight shot: In this shot, the angle is formed by a line that is drawn from the pocket to the piece and the striker is 180 degrees, which is a straight line. The angle formed by a line drawn from the pocket and to the striker is 90 degrees or lesser, then carrom men cannot be pocketed. In other words, the closer the angle is from 180 to 90, the more difficult it is to sink the piece.

You have to flick the striker with more force than a normal straight shot. The more the distance of carrom from the pocket and smaller the angle will make it difficult for you to flick the striker. There is another thing that the more pressure you apply, on the striker, the less accurate it will become. 

Cuts are more difficult than straight shots. It is because of two variables, the angle and the additional force of the flick.


After reading this article, you must have understood that the striker is flicked, not pushed. And many things about the carrom striker and carrom striker rules. Initially, we talked about the game, and then we explained all the important things related to the striker. If you want to become a pro at this game, you have to learn carrom striker rules, we have mentioned some basic carrom striker rules. You can look at them. Other than that, Getmega is a gaming platform that provides a variety of games. Card games, casual games, and trivia are available on this platform. Carrom is the casual game category. Getmega also provides all the information regarding the games so that you can be sure about your queries. Have fun!


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