OnePlus Buds Review || Price || Sound Quality|| Buyer’s Guide in 2021

The OnePlus Buds review || Is our first truly wireless earphones. 30 hours of great sound. The case is a bower bank, permitting as long as 30 hours of listening time. With only a brief charge, you can make the most of your music for 10 hours.

So the OnePlus buds were launched quite sometime back and I have spent more than a week with them now and in this blog let’s have a look at these OnePlus buds and should you even buy them.

OnePlus Buds Review


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OnePlus Buds Talk About Design

OnePlus Buds review || What’s going on everybody this is your host Mayank Jaiswal. Let’s get to the design first well the design isn’t something original that we see with these but for what it’s worth they are well built the case feels premium in hand and has that soft matte finish so it won’t get scratches or smudges easily though the case looks a lot like what we have with pixel buds. You get an led on the front that tells when these are empty or full or in pairing mode.

On the back, you get this pairing switch and this is designed by the OnePlus logo and on the bottom, you get a type C port that supports fast charging and the case can charge these buds for 2 hrs playback in just 10 minutes.

OnePlus Buds Review || Price || Sound Quality|| Buyer's Guide in 2021

OnePlus Buds Review || Price || Sound Quality|| Buyer's Guide in 2021OnePlus Buds Review || Price || Sound Quality|| Buyer's Guide in 2021


Coming To The Earbuds Themselves

Well, these have 13.4 mm drivers slightly bigger than what we have with Realme buds air neo and these have touch controls on the sides so you can remap these nut that will only work with OnePlus devices for other devices you can use these normally but cannot change the controls and stuff.

And these also have to google fast pairing and with that, they get paired to your google account as well and not just your phone so that is a great thing apart from that you get find my device support too with these.

OnePlus Buds Review

OnePlus Buds Review || Price || Sound Quality|| Buyer's Guide in 2021


Talk About Its Sound Quality

Now features aside coming to the sound quality of these well they sound good for the most part, the fit and finish are quite good but you should test some Airpod style earphones before buying these so that you might have some experience with the actual fit, for me, it has been good so far.

These have decent bass and it’s neither too high nor too low but if you are someone who loves a lot of basses then don’t expect it from these because these are half in-ear type so you will feel less of it.

Rest I think they sound balanced and good for the most part but the microphone is where the problem starts well first of all it’s not that good it’s average at best and here is what it sounds like.

So it picks up a lot of background noise and the noise cancellation is not good for a 5000rs earphone the call quality isn’t the best you can find, I made a lot of calls with these and it was okayish for the receivers some of them did complain about a lot of background noise while others felt it okayish so you get it now right if you are among those who take a lot of calls well these might not be your best option One thing where they are great is in charging times and battery life so as stated you can manage 5-7 hrs depending upon the volume and I kept them using for a full working day once and I had around 10% left so I am really impressed with the battery backup they offer.


Coming To The Gaming Aspect

Well first of all if you want the least possible latency with PUBG always prefers wired earphones but if you want full freedom then these too have around 100 ms latency but that is only with Fnatic mode turned on on your OnePlus device so with every other device the latency will not be the same it might vary as per the connection strength I did play some PUBG sessions with it of course and with normal mode there was a bit latency that you will notice if you pay close attention but it isn’t that much if you ask me with fanatic mode things do start to look way better and unnoticeable for the most part so these are good for gaming too but only with OnePlus phones as, unlike Realme buds, you cannot use that gaming mode with every device.

Also, I got a couple of software updates when I paired them with my device and I could not see any major improvements but the connection drops that used to happen sometimes were resolved. It’s a good thing that these support OTA updates too so keep them turned on from settings. Rest you can see features like find my device and those are also for OnePlus phones only.

One last thing before I sign off the play pause detection with this one is really good even if you play music after removing them they just won’t pay anything until you pop them inside your ears yes it’s that good and I like having such added.


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So to sum up well these are AirPods but only for OnePlus phones as the features like gaming mode and updates and stuff are restricted to them only, so keep that in mind and that mic surely makes them a not so good option at this 5000rs price point so if you are buying it for calls hold on and look out for options.

So that’s it for today, do like this post if it helps you out and subscribes to the newsletter for more updates like this one and I will see you later.

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