OnePlus 8 Pro Full Review || Features & Specification

OnePlus 8 Pro Full Review || Features & Specification

Friends, in this blog today, I am going to give you a review of OnePlus 8 Pro, if anyone you wants to buy OnePlus 8 Pro, then you must read this review before buying. Today I will tell you the special thing about this mobile phone, as well as we will talk about its design and build quality and other features and specifications, read this blog article till the end to know everything.


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Hey there, Alex here. This is the OnePlus 8 Pro, and it is OnePlus finally reaching the point where they are directly competing against other flagship phones. Can’t say I’m surprised since they have been on this trajectory for quite some time now.


Anyway, since so much of it is as expected, and it’s not a new phone anymore, I’ll keep this as short as I can. First of all, as expected from an OnePlus phone, it’s well built, has a nice design, and still has an alert slider. It looks similar to its predecessor which might be a bit boring to some, but I like how it looks.

OnePlus 8 Pro ReviewOnePlus 8 Pro Full Review || Features & SpecificationOnePlus 8 Pro Full Review || Features & Specification

This time around, the phone has an IP68 dust and water resistance rating as well which is a nice upgrade. This might be one of the reasons we don’t get a pop-up camera anymore, but I prefer not having an extra moving part on the phone. The screen is still QHD+ and still has curved edges, but it now has a 120Hz refresh rate which makes everything feel even smoother.


I would still prefer a flat display, but this is a nice looking screen with nice colors and decent brightness. Other than that, it still has a reliable fingerprint sensor, and the stereo speakers here still sound decent, just not quite as good as thePixel 4. In terms of performance, it has the latest and greatest chipset from Qualcomm and tons of RAM and storage to go along with it.


So everything is fast, responsive, and just a joy to use no matter what I’m doing on the phone. Part of the reason is probably that of the excellent software experience as well. Oxygen OS has always performed well, and with top-notch hardware to go along with it, everything is just buttery smooth.



It also has a ton of useful features, and the UI design looks nice. So it’s still one of my favorite Android experiences. One thing that I want to mention is that a lot of users who purchased their phones from the local distributor have trouble using NFC payment for public transport, and it seems to be software related.


So just take note if you need to use that feature. Battery life is good as well and a day of heavy use is still easily achievable if I don’t go crazy and max out all the display features. It still has that 30W fast charging which is convenient for a quick top-up. We also get a pretty insane 30W wireless charging if you have a compatible charger, and it supports reverse wireless charging as well. For the camera performance, we do get solid improvements all round.


It can capture good looking shots in most situations, and the ultra-wide-angle camera here is pretty decent since it’s the same sensor as the OnePlus 7T’s main camera. It can capture nice macro shots with this sensor as well, and the telephoto camera is decent.


I’ll have a link in the article with everything I took with the phone, so you can take a look if you want to. It’s what I would consider being at least flagship level, but still not the best I’ve seen in terms of image processing, consistency, and hardware features.



Overall, while the price of the OnePlus 8Pro isn’t that cheap anymore, it’s still priced a bit lower than other ultrahigh end devices. So I feel like it’s still decently priced especially considering the extra features that we now have on the phone.


It might not have the best camera performance, but the software experience and hardware performance are both excellent. And if those are the things that you are looking for in a phone, along with solid hardware features all-round, this is a great option. Anyway, thanks for reading this blog, and see you guys on the next one.