boAt Bluetooth Wireless Speakers In 2021 India – Honest Review And Buyer’s Guide

Boat brand is a totally Indian brand and is the best brand of selling electronics like speakers, headphones, earphones, earbuds, etc.

In this article, I have reviewed some of the boAt Bluetooth speakers, which is totally incredible good about their loud audio and high bass that gives you the boom-boom feel. Let’s look at the specification and features.


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boAt Bluetooth Speakers


Top 5 Best Cool Looking And Good Quality boAt Bluetooth Speakers


Boat Stone Grenade Wireless Speaker

Boat stone grenade wireless 5W portable Bluetooth speaker is the best wireless Bluetooth speaker, with high bass and good loud sound that everyone wants when you go to travel or arrange a pool party. This Bluetooth device comes in the charcoal black color and it’s designed fully look like, the Grenade that will not burst but will make you dance. Now, let’s check the specification and features.

Bluetooth Mobile Speakers

More Specification:

  • The Boat Stone Grenade speaker is totally wireless with good HD explosive sound.
  • These boAt Bluetooth speakers come in the charcoal black color with the cool design of the Grenade shape.
  • The dimension of this speaker is 11.99*4.99*4.99, as this mini design of this wonderful speaker gives you little space in your bag or even in your pocket.
  • Boat Stone Grenade wireless speaker weight is only 350 grams i.e. 0.77 pounds.
  •  This product box is sealed with 1-Stone Grenade speaker, 1-user manual, and 1-USB charging cable with 1- year warranty card.
  • Boat Stone Grenade wireless speaker has a great high bass as that also seems to be in this speaker’s name too.
  • Excellent battery backup of 7 Hours playback in one go, with 1 lithium polymer battery of 1200 mAH fixed in this cool Grenade shape speaker.
  • This speaker is compatible with all devices like laptops, smartphones, tablets, iOS devices, as it has the Bluetooth v4.2 with AUX cable and SD card compatible feature installed in such a small device.
  • It has IPX-6 Water and Shock resistance technology fit in this cool mini design, this will never let give you harm until you want to be.
  • This beautiful device has integrated multifunctional control like play, pause, volume high and low, connectivity, and switch on/off.



Boat Stone 260 portable 4w Bluetooth speaker is the best speaker with high HD quality audio. This speaker is fully round with super cool colors. Stone 260 speaker has a karabiner that is useful when you are going on any trip, that will attach this speaker with your bag with this cool look. Let’s see the specification and features.

boAt Bluetooth Speakers

More Specification:

  • Boat Stone 260 portable speaker is fully wireless with Bluetooth v4.1 transmission.
  • This Speaker gives you HD crystal clear sound and high bass that will make you feel to hear your favorite songs.
  • This product has a rounded spherical shape with a dimension of 10*9*4 cm.
  • Boat stone 260 weight is only 440 grams that are a little heavier than boat stone grenade.
  • This boAt Bluetooth speaker is compatible with all smartphones, laptops, tablets, and all iOS devices.
  • It has 1- lithium polymer which gives the battery backup of 4-5 hours playback time in one go, which is pretty nice.
  • In a packed box, you will get 1-boAt stone 260 speakers, 1-user manual, 1-USB charging cable with a 1-year warranty card.
  • boAt stone 260 wireless speaker is totally flawless with the amazing technology inside with the amazing IPX5 waterproof technology.
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Boat spin 2.0 Bluetooth speaker is the best speaker with a 12 W portable speaker with 360 degrees all-around stereo sound. This cool looking speaker comes in a cylindrical shape in charcoal black color. That really seems awesome and feels cool when you take it somewhere outside. Let’s check out the specification and features of this device.

Portable Mini Speakers

More Specification:

  • Boat spin x 2.0 boAt Bluetooth speaker comes with the best connectivity with Bluetooth v4.2 tech.
  • This speaker is cylindrical in shape which seems attractive with its cool look.
  • The dimension of this speaker is given as 16.56*6.67*6.89 cm.
  • This awesome looking speaker comes with a weight of 600 grams only that gives you a way to take it on the travel too.
  • This speaker is compatible with all Bluetooth devices like laptops, smartphones, tablets, and all iOS devices.
  • It’s packed box comes with a 1-Boat sphinx 2.0 wireless speaker, 1-user manual, 1-USB cable for charging with a 1-year warranty card inside it.
  • It has a 1-lithium polymer battery of 12 W power supply which gives battery backup of 6 to 8 hours playback time.
  • It comes with a speaker surround sound 2.0 channel configuration.
  • This device has the best IPX6 waterproof and shock resistance technology.
  • Boat Spinx 2.0 Bluetooth speaker comes in three color charcoal blue, black, and blue with a 360-degree design and gives you HD pure quality sound.



BOAT Stone 200 portable wireless speaker is the best quality speaker which gives you high-quality sound performance. This speaker has loud audio with a good base. This speaker will take you to another world in which you will only enjoy the melody of the music. Let’s see it’s specifications and features.

boAt Bluetooth Speakers

More Specification:

  • BOAT Stone 200 speakers are totally wireless and come with Bluetooth v 4.1 transmission that will easily get connected with all the smart devices such as smartphones, apple phones, tablets, laptops, etc.
  • This speaker has a cool cubical shape and its dimensioned are 9.7*8.7*4.8 cm.
  • The weight of this product is 240 grams which is lightweight in comparison with other stone speakers.
  • This cool device has the IPX6 water and splashes resistance technology which will also make it shock resistant.
  • It comes with a 1500 mAH Lithium-polymer ion battery which gives you 10-11 hours of battery backup(playback time) and 30 hours standby time.
  • This speaker has an 80 Db signal to noise ratio with a maximum SPL 90 Db.
  • Its Bluetooth range is up to the range of 10m and comes with a 50 mm dynamic driver size.
  • BOAT stone 200 speaker comes with HD sound quality and with good bass, it gives you a wonderful experience.



Boat stone 650 portable wireless speaker comes is the best wireless speaker which have extra bass quality. This speaker has a loud sound and 99% clarity. It has a stereo sound with a robust design that will give an extra edge to this cool looking speakers. Let’s see the features and specifications.

boAt Bluetooth Speakers

More Specification:

  • Boat stone 650 wireless speaker comes with the best HD sound quality and high bass.
  • This speaker dimension is given as 22.7*9.9*8.6 cm which makes it fit comfortably in your bag.
  • This product weighs only 144 grams which is much lighter than other wireless speakers and makes it easy to travel device.
  • It has integrated multifunctional control which is deployed in this cool looking speaker.
  • It comes with IPX5 water and dust resistant technology that fits in this small device.
  • Excellent 7-8 hours battery playtime backup with 1800 mAH 1 lithium-ion battery.
  • It has dual compatible technology with AUX and TF.
  • This product box has 1-Boat stone 650 speakers, 1-USB charger, 1-AUX cable, 1-user manual with a 1-year warranty card.
  • It’s high bass and HD sound quality will make you feel good with your favorite melodious music.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Ques 1: Do these Boat wireless speakers come with a Warranty?

Ans: Yes, you will get a 1-2 year warranty with each of these above speakers.


Ques 2: Do we get high bass?

Ans: Yes, these Boat speakers have high boom-boom bass, which will let you enjoy your favorite music.


Ques 3: Are the speakers are water and dust resistance?

Ans: Yes, the above cool looking speakers are all comprised of IPX5 and IPX6 technology which makes it water, dust, and as well as shock resistance.


Ques 4: From where we find these speakers with the best deals?

Ans: AMAZON, best online marketing shop 24*7 hour open for you, and on this only you will get the best deals and offers.



boAt Bluetooth speakers are the best portable mini speakers which are having good bass and clear HD sound quality. This review was truly and make at the request of your peoples only. These all have good battery backup with incredible body design and shape. These all speakers are truly wireless and having all the cool futuristic technologies inbuilt in these. You can grab the best deals and offers with AMAZON, the best online shopping store.

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