Best Android Antivirus, Foolproof And Free

Best Android Antivirus

Mobile phones, like computers, can be infected with viruses or malware. It is important to have applications that can solve these problems at any time and as efficiently and quickly as possible.


What is the best antivirus for Android mobile devices?

In the Google Play application store, we find a wide range of options to be able to have our smartphone in the best conditions without affecting performance. Let’s see then what is the best Antivirus for your Android device.

Here you have a list with the best antivirus for Android with its advantages and functionality to be protected from viruses and threats on your mobile device.

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Best Antivirus for your Android device

Let’s talk about what is currently the most effective and recommended antivirus in the application store and that we can use it for free at any time.


1. AVG Antivirus Free

Best Android Antivirus

AVG Antivirus Free has the highest and most spectacular virus detection system on the market. Capable of detecting malware in real-time, this application has many features including blocking applications and calls, high wifi security, and the ability to back up personal data.

This makes it the best Android Antivirus, the most reliable and recommended, given its ability to detect and remove even the most dangerous malware faster. Also, it has a paid version in case we want to further expand the options it offers.


2. Avira Antivirus

Best Android Antivirus

The Avira application for Android seems to be an antivirus that we must remember if we are trying to protect our device in the best way. Its high detection rate of malicious software can eliminate it perfectly, making it a very effective antivirus.

The program does not affect system performance at all and we will be able to use all our other applications without problems while Avira does its job.

It has identity protection, app blocking, secure search, and even a very useful privacy advisor.


3. Avast Mobile Security

This free antivirus from Avast is an incredible program, even in this free version, as there is also a paid version.

This antivirus can detect with absolute efficiency all the viruses in real-time and the malware that may have been imported to the smartphone. In this way, it can become a reliable app to quickly eliminate harmful content.

Also, it includes some options that can be very useful, such as blocking applications or avoiding unwanted calls and spam with a single button.


4. G Data Mobile Security

The G Data Mobile Security app has a  wide range of options and features that others don’t. It has functions such as remote locking, device location, and deletion, call blocking, message filtering, parental controls, secure browsing, or encryption support.

Also, the malware detection rate is very effective, especially 100%, an excellent score that makes this antivirus one of the best free options at the moment. Its performance does not affect the phone at all, nor does it affect battery power.


5. Bitdefender Antivirus Free

Bitdefender Mobile Security is an antivirus that, according to the latest studies, achieves optimal performance in all its features. It can protect against malware and viruses and detect potential attacks in real-time.

It includes a  large number of advantages that we will be able to use,  such as the alarm, with maximum protection when browsing the Internet, useful tips to protect your privacy or the possibility of running a scanner at any time to find out the status of the device.

In its paid version we find a connection via VPN, although it does not have call blocking or the possibility of creating a backup.


6. McAfee Mobile Security

The McAfee Mobile Security app for Android is a free antivirus with great advantages in terms of detection and removal of malicious programs. 

This antivirus has the main objective of protecting your Android smartphone at all costs and complies with what it offers. This includes viruses and spyware protection features, malicious apps, or the actual anti-theft feature.

It also has tools to improve the performance of your mobile phones, such as the battery optimizer or privacy tools to limit the data collected by different apps. Highly recommended and worth a try and see all it offers firsthand.


7. Kaspersky Lab Internet Security

Kaspersky Lab Internet Security is one of the programs to consider when we talk about antivirus protection. Of course, this well-known software has its mobile version, being on the same level as the desktop one.

This antivirus offers us a  wide range of efficient features with which we will keep our smartphone free of malware. It has data protection, anti-theft, and anti-phishing functions, blocking spam calls, or safe browsing.

A very complete antivirus that gives us the possibility to use its paid version, even if it is not necessary for its operation.

Finally, it is important to know that the mobile phone is a  device that we use more and simplifies our life. Therefore, it is important to keep it safe and free of viruses or software that could be harmful.

Android malware is becoming increasingly sophisticated and antivirus options have to be considered, so in this way, we no longer have to worry about the security and performance of the smartphone.


Best Antivirus for Android, conclusion

1. Why does my Android need an antivirus?

You have to be careful with the applications installed because someone could access your data. With an antivirus, you avoid malicious apps.

2. Which Android devices do they work with?

All the applications on this list work with any Android smartphone with an Android version 4.4 or later.

3. What is the best Antivirus for my Android phone?

The prize on our list goes to AVG and Avira, although everything else is very reliable.

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