Most Famous And Attractive Zebronics Indie 105 W Bluetooth Home Theatre Review

Are you planning to buy a wireless portable home theatre speaker for your sweet home?

If yes, then buy Zebronics Indie 105 W 4.1 Bluetooth Home Theatre as it offers the best quality sound and cool, stylish outlook to your drawing room, living room, or where you are planning to place it.

Zebronics do manufacture some sustainable electronic gadgets which offer the best quality products at a pocket-friendly price.

One of the primary features of this Zebronic Indie 4.1 speakers are its changing LED lights according to the increasing volume, it gives a funky and entertaining look.

There’s also no worry about the connectivity as it supports Bluetooth, USB, AUX, and SD which gives a variety of choices. It is very portable as it weighs much lighter than other speakers.

So let’s discuss some of its specifications which make Zebronic Indie 4.1 speakers one of the best among others.


zebronics indie 105 w bluetooth home theatre review

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  • Brand- Zebronics
  • Model name- Indie 4.1
  • Design- It has a stylish glossy finishing which makes it super attractive, it also has a cool LED display in the front which gives a cool look and will entertain you always.
  • Color- It is only available in one color which black.
  • Sound- It delivers outstanding HD quality sound; especially its bass sound will catch your ears. It is much preferable for home speakers. Zebronics Indie 105 W Bluetooth Home Theatre Sound Test.

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  • Connectivity- It offers 4.1 channel speakers with multi-connectivity options to choose from according to your convenience like you can choose wireless Bluetooth, USB, AUX, or SD. It also comes with a built-in FM and it is fully operated through remote control.
  • It weighs 8.5kg really light according to other speakers. It is 38.8 cm and 69.8c cm in height and width respectively.
  • It has special entertaining rhythmic LED lights which change its bright blue and pink color with increasing volume and it also comes with satellites.
  • It has a LED light on the subwoofer which is 16.51 cm.
  • It has a volume, trembles, and bass adjustment.
  • It comes with a 1-year guaranty.Zebronics Indie 105 W Bluetooth Home Theatre ReviewMost Famous And Attractive Zebronics Indie 105 W Bluetooth Home Theatre Review
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    • It requires 105 watts as the total output power.
    • It is wireless so you can place it anywhere at your home.
    • Speaker type- Home studio
    • Power source- Battery
    • The driver of this speaker is 16.51 cm and 7.62 cm of subwoofer and satellites respectively.
    • It allows MP3 and WMA file formats.
    • It supports a maximum 32 GB USB card or SD card.
    • It has 4 subwoofers in it.
    • The range of FM’s frequency is 87 MHz- 108 MHz.
    • Very affordable.



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  • High bass sound
  • Interesting LED lights ( blue and pink)
  • Low-priced
  • Multi- connectivity
  • Wireless speaker
  • Light weighted and compact



  • No touch controls
  • Only available in black color



Final verdict

From an overall review, it can be said that this Zebronics Indie 105 W Bluetooth Home Theatre is quite impressive and suitable as a home studio.

Its HD audio quality really gives a soothing and satisfying feeling, the LED light also looks really cool, and especially if it’s dark, the room looks stunning.

Its lightweight and compact size make it portable and it saves a lot of space. Its black glossy look gives stunning attire to the speakers.

There’s no waiting for pairing as it gets connect super-fast without any delay. It is operated through remote so you can relax and enjoy your music.

And mainly, it offers a 1-year guaranty from the date of purchase so nothing to worries. This home speaker is very affordable and of good quality, so without wasting your time, click on the below-mentioned link to buy this amazing Zebronics Indie 4.1 speakers for your sweet home, you won’t regret it.

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