Top 20 Audio Brand Rankings In The Word

  1. FM ACOUSTICS (Switzerland)

Its advertisements have always been "the top of the top, and the Rolls-Royce in sound". The biggest feature of FM ACOUSTICS' products is "expensive", and some of them are unacceptable. However, since the company entered the HIFI equipment market 20 years, the number of users has only increased, and many people are proud of owning it. It seems that not all users think it is expensive without reason. The price of FM115 monophonic rear stage alone is more than 8 million yen, equivalent to nearly 700,000 yuan, which is really too expensive.


  1. MBL (Germany)

German master Wolfgang Meletzky founded MBL Akustikgerate GmbH in 1979, and integrated the "perfectionism" philosophy into MBL audio products. Inject artistic thoughts into MBL design. In order to reach the highest standard of W.Meletzky, from electronic equipment to speaker, from minute volume knob to power amplifier case; They are all manufactured by MBL factory located in Berlin, Germany, and they are required to ensure that every manufacturing detail reaches the highest standard. Its products are won by Bill, the world's richest man. Gates chose a mansion and became more valuable. It was also selected as the ultimate dream speaker for music lovers by the American Fever Audio Book. At present, MBL's 360-degree omnidirectional speaker is still recognized as the first in the world.


  1. YBA (France)

YBA belongs to the French Phlox Electronics Group, which is composed of Yves-Bernard Andre. Its aim is to strive for superior performance with the simplest circuit and shortest path. Its style, route, and style are very individual, such as extra-thick anti-magnetic chassis, three solid metal feet supporting for three-point shock absorbers, and power switches installed at the bottom or back of the machine, etc., which make great efforts in anti-resonance. It mainly produces amplifiers and CD players. The power supply of non-circular double-C transformers is extremely abundant. The amplifier of YBA not only has sufficient output power but also has a delicate and sweet sound, crystal clear, and transparent performance.


  1. Burmester (Voice of Berlin, Germany)

Founded in Berlin in 1977. Weight is not weight, which is one of the common features of the Hi-End factory. Like most other Hi-End audio manufacturers, Bumester's factory occupies a small area, which is about 1,300 square meters. There are not many workers employed, only 20. However, it took Bumester eight years to design a pair of loudspeakers. The world's first belt-driven CD turntable Bumester flagship CD turntable 969, because it is belt-driven, needs another rotating axis. Do you know how precise that axis is? That was ordered by Burmester from Switzerland, and the accuracy is one-thousandth of a millimeter! This is the German spirit of pursuing precision. That's why Burmester has established its position as the top audio brand in the world. Even enthusiasts with a little money can only be discouraged from it.


  1. Clare (KRELL, USA).

Founded in 1974, it is renowned for producing solid-state circuit power amplifiers with superb driving capability, as well as preamplifiers, digital equipment, and other products. As an advanced machine brand in the United States, it has established a solid and stable position. Its business philosophy is to produce audio equipment with the best engineering technology and strive to create the best audio products. Its sound features are lively rhythm, strong analysis, strong low-frequency control, and dynamic, which can be said to be unparalleled in the world.


  1. Lelin (JEFF ROWLAND, USA)


The amplifier factory, founded in 1980, is representative of the young American factories, targeting high-level audio lovers. It adopts advanced circuit design, carefully balanced design, and manufacture, and is famous for its mellow, fast and soft sound. With high quality, rich music flavor, high stability, high reliability, simplicity, and beauty, it makes people fall in love at first sight and is the crystallization of craftsmanship and technology.


  1. Lotus (LINN, UK).


At the beginning of its birth in 1969, it was a specialized manufacturer of analog phonographs. Now, aiming at advanced machines, it produces small amplifiers, speakers, and CD phonographs, etc., with numerous supports. Products do not emphasize personality, adhere to the belief of music-based, simple shape design, natural sound does not grab ears, and in recent years, AV development other than audio is also taken into account.


  1. Mai Jingtu (MCINTOSH, USA)


American Advanced Audio Factory, founded in 1949, began to develop the combined amplifier in 1963, which is characterized by large output, high performance, and distinctive glass panel design, and is widely supported as a particularly luxurious and trustworthy product in advanced machines. Products are distributed in amplifiers, speakers, CD players, tuners, etc. The sound is naturally balanced, enduring, and elegant.


  1. GryPhon, Denmark


Is the manufacturer of the best amplifier, and has always been famous for making Big Mac amplifiers. Working with double mono pure class A, high current design, adjustable bias voltage, huge shape, and high heat generated during working is unforgettable. Elegant in appearance, sui generis in style, and delicate in sound quality, it is well received by users and occupies an important position in the ultimate power amplifier in the short term.


  1. Super Olympics (THIEL, USA)


Founded in KFC's loudspeaker factory in 1977, it has always pursued faithful reproduction of original sound, and always adhered to its fine tradition and unique style. Since 1983, it has been designed with Coherent Source and has become the leader of similar loudspeaker systems. Through continuous research and improvement of unit design, loudspeaker structure, and frequency divider, it has become one of the world-recognized advanced loudspeakers with neutral loudspeakers with accurate sound, excellent analytical power, full dynamics, and fast transient.


  1. Audio Research (ARC, USA)


Founded in 1970, it is famous for its sound quality, production level and precise design, especially for making electronic tube machines. Its products have a coherent exterior style, with thick aluminum panels drawn, rounded corners, striking trademarks embedded in black background and white characters in the middle, and sleek black handles on both sides. Its electron tube and transistor amplifier have sweet sound and powerful driving force.


  1. THORENS (Switzerland)


Founded in 1883, his history can be said to be the history of simulated replay. With the continuous evolution of his products, he established his position as a high-grade phonograph brand in the LP record era. From popular machines to super-advanced machines, they all have many products, all of which are produced in France, and they are renowned for their belt-driven machinery.


  1. Mark Levinson (USA)


MADRIGAL has always insisted on using high-priced components and accessories for high performance since the early 1970s and has become one of the few large-scale advanced machine manufacturers in the United States. The famous MarL Levinson brand, whether in the field of amplifiers or CD-ROMs, is a powerful advanced machine and is famous all over the world. Most of his products are prepared for upgrading in the future, so as not to fall behind. His AV products appear under the brand of "Proceed", which also has a clean and bright personality and unique appearance.


  1. Cello (America)


Born in 1985, it is aimed at high-level audio lovers and aims to develop advanced amplifiers. There are not many products, but they are all well-designed. They are carefully hand-made with high-quality components. They are highly praised not only for their sound but also for their exquisite and ingenious production. Their distinctive Hi-End image has been deeply rooted in people's hearts.


  1. GOLDMINE (Gawain, Switzerland)


Originally, the French advanced phonograph system attracted much attention. In early 1985, the headquarters moved to Switzerland, and the products were developed with amplifiers as the center. With its unique transparent tone and exquisite appearance, it was highly praised as a novel advanced phonograph. The developed CD player is also one of the few high-grade brands in Europe, which is well-known.


  1. Threshold (USA)


The amplifier factory, founded in 1974, is widely known for its active development of advanced circuits. The products are centered on high-level split amplifiers for high-level audio lovers. In particular, the power amplifier with high sound quality and high efficiency is particularly eye-catching, which ensures its position as an advanced amplifier.


  1. Wadi (Wadia, USA)


Founded in 1988, aiming at digital audio, he developed high-performance D/A converters. His products are eye-catching and popular machines and have become the representative of advanced CD players.


  1. Jadis (France)


Since it was founded in 1982, as a brand of an electronic tube amplifier with a history of more than 10 years, it is well known and attracts people's attention. Sweet and rich sound, luxurious transformer, and appearance treatment add luxury to its characteristics.


  1. the treasure of Britain "(MERIDIAN, Britain)


This audio factory, which was born in 1975, is highly praised by the audio industry for its unique and novel appearance and high quality. In recent years, it has created many extraordinary digital technologies and actively launched future commodity production full of original sound style. He has won the Italian Design Anard and British Design CouncilAwar6 awards five times, and some products have even been honored as permanent exhibits of the American Museum Of modem, showing the superior quality of products.


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