The Best Child-Friendly Technology Gadgets and Tips of 2021

These days, technology and children go hand in hand. As we raise future generations in a digital age, most of the time children are way ahead of older generations in terms of the tech game. Technology plays a huge part in children’s lives, it allows them to have access to global information at the click of a button, unleash their creative side using apps that stimulate learning and creativity, and develop better social skills. However, as always, there is an upside and a downside to all things. The internet and technological devices are a gift to children for all their benefits and wonders, yet sometimes, technology can also be a hindrance. Just like children need guidance in real life, it’s also crucial to guide them when it comes to technology and online interaction. As children get older, they will want to own their own devices and have independent access to them- however the world of technology and internet can expose children to harmful content. As the advancements in technology don’t seem to be slowing down any time soon, here at We Buy Any House have compiled the best child-friendly technology gadgets and tips of 2021, so you can allow your children to use technology and the internet in the safest way possible.

Tip- Balance Is Best:

Establishing a balanced and sustainable relationship with technology and your child is key. If you think of it in terms of a balanced diet, you will be able to implement balance into your child’s life. Creating an understanding that there is time for online activity, and a separate time for connecting with people in real life will avoid technology and the internet becoming their focus.

Gadget- The Easiest Tablet:

Available on Amazon, The Easiest Tablet is produced solely to be child friendly. The device is affordable, durable and easy to manage- and comes with a year’s worth of Amazon Kinds +, which regulates and censors the content your child has access to. The device is also great as it connects to a guardian or parents smartphone, and from there time limits can be set and content can be monitored. The Easiest Tablet provides entertaining and educational content, using books and videos for your child to enjoy- and with its sturdy case, it’s perfect for travelling.

Tip- Look for the Warning Signs of Unhealthy Tech Usage:

Although technology is a great tool to have, there’s no doubt it can become addictive. As we incorporate technology into all aspects of our life, it is important to take breaks to ensure you don’t become too heavily invested in a hyper-connected world. Allowing your child access to technology is a good thing, however, keep an eye out for warning signs of unhealthy tech usage. These include:

If your child complains about being unhappy or bored whenever they don’t have access to technology or the internet.

An outburst of emotion if you set restrictions.

Technology/internet use begins to interfere with school, sleep routines or hinders face to face communication.

Gadget- Fitbit Ace 2:

If your child loves sport, or has a general interest in health, then the Fitbit Ace 2 watch is for you. As the normal Smartwatch comes with access to social media, calls and messages, this watch is specially designed for children. The band is waterproof, and enables you to set child friendly exercise tasks, celebrate goals, and can be connected to a smartphone so can be supervised by a parent or guardian.

Tip- Make a Family Media Use Plan:

So that your child doesn’t feel left out or that they are being singled out for their technology use, why not make a family media use plan? Agreeing to set time to all use technology and have time to connect to people through social media, check emails or to use the internet at your own leisure will ensure that your child feels as though this is a family decision.

Gadget- Kids E-Reader:

Reading is something every child should do. It’s a great activity to strengthen their literary and language skills, boost their creativity and broaden their knowledge. Most of the time, books are either expensive to purchase, get damaged, or end up collecting dust on a bookshelf. To avoid this, investing in a Kids E-Reader is a great idea. From one device, you can download an enormous selection of books, and have easy access to an online library. The books appear on the device, and if you want you can have several books on the go at any time. It’s a compact and educational device that’s perfect for your children.


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