Top-10 Best Samsung Upcoming Smartphone in 2021

Samsung Upcoming Smartphone in 2021 || SAMSUNG was founded in the year 1938, by Lee Byung-Chul. After the launch of Samsung’s keypad phone then after the touch screen phone and now the smartphones that come out with new technology. Artificial Intelligence is growing in the industrial world with the boom. SAMSUNG’s new Samsung upcoming smartphone in 2021 is the best example to use the right technology and at right time.

As 2020 seems to be a disastrous year, but technology development never stopping and because of this pandemic coronavirus, we got the boom in the smartphone market. I think in each house there is a need for this smart device, like for doing online classes, job work, marketing, and much more.

Hence, Samsung planned to make your journey smarter, so we are giving you the list of smartphones that will be full of the latest technology and launching in the year 2021.


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Samsung Upcoming Smartphone in 2021


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Here We Are Introduces Top-10 Best Samsung Upcoming Smartphones in 2021


1) Samsung Galaxy A71

The Samsung Galaxy A71 is new to this young generation. The Galaxy A refreshment has begun. Punch-hole seems to be the motto in this latest series, although revised chipsets and cameras can be awaited. And the Galaxy A71, with a modern Android and one interface, has everything.

In fact, the Galaxy A71 seems to pack plenty to guarantee upgrading to the A70 – a smaller scale, a newer processor, a more powerful and superior camera set up, and a newer Software and One installer.

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Specifications and Features

  • Cam | 33 front facing camera | 44 MP (F1.8) +12MP (F2.2) +5MP(F2,2)
  • Amoled mega Infinity-O monitor and tactile buttons, 2400 x 1080 pixels size FHD+ intra capable panel | 16M support for color.
  • Dual SIM Dual Stand-by (4G +4G) Ram, Data & SIM: 8 GB of RAM | 128GB of expandable internal storage up to 512GB.
  • Android 10 service of Qualcomm | SM7150 octa-core processer with 2.3GHz+1.7GHz
  • 4500mAH battery of lithium-ion
  • 1-year product manufacturer warranty and 6 weeks in-box adapter device configurations, including purchase date batteries.


2) Samsung Galaxy M51

7000mAh, that’s about it. This is the Samsung Galaxy M51 battery power we have today for you. You should definitely call it 7,000mAh (thanks, SI), but we could also use fewer symbols and an extra shock value at such big, well-rounded capacities. In this Galaxy spec sheet, there is nothing else that is excessively interesting, but there is not much left either.

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Specifications and Features

  • Quad sensor system – 64MP (F1.8) lens head + 12MP (F2.2) ultra-wide camera + 5MP (F2.4) camerohead + 5MP (F2.4).
  • 16.95 cm (6.7″) SAMOLED Plus – infinite series display, 1080×2400 resolution FHD+ capacitive touch screen, Contrast ratio: 78960:1
  • Method, store & SIM: 6GB of RAM, 128GB adjustable internal memory up to 512GB | Ram Slot Devoted
  • Android 2.2GHz + 1.8GHz Qualcomm v1.0 operating system | SD730G octa-core processor
  • | 25W USB Type-C to C fast charger into a box Lithium-ion | 25W
  • Side Authentication Reader | Nano+nanometer Dual SIM with double standby, dual VoLTE | 3.5 mm headphone jack
  • 1-year production rates warranty and six weeks in-box adapter device configurations, including purchase date batteries.


3) Samsung Galaxy M31s

It is the predecessor to the Galaxy M31 and gives the section additional devices. A 6,5-inch Infinitely large AMOLED screen with a punch hole in the middle is available for the Galaxy M31. There was a mistake. Samsung agreed to power the Galaxy M31s with the Exynos 9611 SoC.

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Specifications and Features

  • Four system arrangement – 64MP (F1.8) main camera + 12Mp (F2.2) Ultra-large camera, + 5MP (F2.4) depth camera + 5Mp (F2.4) macro camera.
  • Super AMOLED – Infinity-O monitor, capable FHD+ 1080 x 2400-pixel resolution capable Multi-touch panel with 407 PPI pixel density and contrast ratio: 78960:1
  • Double-standard (4G+4G) dual SIM (nano+nano) memory, data & SIM: 6GB RAM, 128 GB adjustable indoor memory to 512GB
  • The OS is 1.7GHz+2.3GHz Exynos 9611, the octa-core processor is Android v10.
  • 5x fast-charge lithium-ion 6000mAH | 25W Type-C fast-charger in the package
  • 1-year product manufacturer coverage and six weeks in-box adapter device configurations, including purchase date batteries
  • The package also comprises a transport adaptor, USB Type-C cable type, executable pin, and user guide.


4) Samsung Galaxy A31

It is no easy feat to access Samsung’s large selection of smartphones by 2020. The Korean giant is not the cause but remains part of the trend.

Via a variety of factors and methods, we currently have a strong smartphone industry where the volume of the model is and is still high.

This is particularly true for the mid-ranger and budget room that is the place of the Galaxy A31.

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Specifications and Features

  • Mega wide +5MP (F2.4) depth +5MP (F2.4) macro | 20MP sensor front | 28MP (F2.0) quad rear + 8MP (F2.1) + 3 MP (F2.2)
  • Mega AMOLED — Infinity U cut panel, FHD+ capacious, 1090 x 2400 pixels HD + resolution multi touchscreen, 412 ppi | 16M colour support 16.21 cm (6.4-inch)
  • A double SIM (nano+nanometrical) dual stand-by (4G+4G) memory, data and SIM: 6GB RAM | 128GB internal memory extended to 512GB
  • Android 2GHz+1.7GHz MediaTek v10.0 operating system | MT6768 octa quad-core
  • 5000mAH battery of lithium-ion.


5) Samsung Galaxy M31

The Galaxy M31 is Samsung’s new range of inexpensive exclusive online smartphones for Overseas economies, such as India.

The M31, released at the end of last year as an iterative update of the Galaxy M30, mainly camera-related improvements that render themselves more distinctive.

The 48MP camera on the Galaxy M30s was exchanged by Samsung for a new 64MP unit and a dedicated macro camera was added. A 32MP sensor has replaced the 16MP front camera.

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Specifications and Features 

  • Triple Camera Configuration – 64 MP (F1.8) Main Camera +8MP (F2.2) Super Large Camera +5 MP (F2.2) Depth Camera +5MP (F2.4)
  • Super AMOLED – Cut Endless U Display, FHD+ Resolution, 404 PPI pixel density and endorse 16M of color, (2340 x 1080) Super Amoled
  • The Octa processor Exynos 961, 6GB of RAM, 128GB of system storage up to 512GB, and dual SIM extensible, is Android v10.0.
  • The rechargeable battery of 6000 mAh.


6) Samsung Galaxy M21

The Dolby Atmos Speakers, along with its astounding view feature, make it into a smooth, medium-size smarter for the buyers who work on a strict budget. Samsung Galaxy M21 128GB with its 6GB RAM, wide storage space, and incredible OLED display is a great deal.

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Specifications and Features

  • Quad – camera setup +5MP (F2.2) Depth lens and 20MP (F2.2) front face to the side of Punch hole camera Triplesetup camera setup: +8MP (F2.2) Main camera +5 MP (F2.2)
  • Super AMOLED – Cut Infinite U Display, FHD+ Resolution, 404 PPI pixel density, and support 16M of color, (2340 x 1080) Super Amoled
  • Octa-core CPU, 6 GB of RAM, 128 GB of system storage up to 512 Gb, and dual SIM Android 10.0 operating system with Exynos 9611.2.3 GHz, 1.7 GoH.
  • The battery of 6000 mAh
  • 1-year device manufacturer warranty and 6 months in-box accessorization manufacturer warranty for batteries from purchase date.

7) Samsung S30

Samsung S30 is one of the best futuristic phones which will be launched in the upcoming year 2021. This phone will be having bundles and bunches of a technological feature that are being useful to you in many fields.

Here, we will tell you the amazing features that you will need to know before buying such a wonderful futuristic device.

RELEASE DATE: February-2021 (expected)

Samsung Upcoming Smartphone in 2021

Specifications and Features

  • This new Samsung S30 will be coming with the latest Qualcomm processor.
  • It will have the latest Snapdragon 875 which will make it gaming-friendly.
  • The phone will be made in keeping in mind with 5G technology+LTE support both, so no compromise with networking.
  • This phone display gives you the royal look with 120 Hz QHD+ and supports 4k and 6k videos in different modes, so that will give you a better experience on your screen.
  • Battery backup is pretty strong with a 4,800 mAH long-lasting battery and gives you a battery back of one day or more(24+hour) in one go depending upon the usage of the device.
  • It will contain IP68 technology which will make it water and dust resistant.
  • A new technology that will be introduced in this futuristic phone is wireless charging with a magnetic charger.
  • The in-display front camera of 15 MP, will be giving it a cool full-screen look that will give you a better edge to edge screen.
  • Samsung S30 will also introduce Exynos 1000 chipset with the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) which will make it 2-3 times faster with the processor.
  • This device will have two types of model as one will be of 6GB RAM and 64 GB internal storage ( that can be extended up to 256 GB) and one will be of 8GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage (that can extend further up to 256 GB and above).
  • This will have three rear cameras and two sensors of 150 MP main snapper or 108 mp camera, 64 MP telephoto camera,16 MP Ultra-wide, 12 MP macro snapper, plus a depth sensor and a flashlight control sensor.
  • Also, A.I. technology will recognize the depth of your real view photo and will give 100* zoom options that will make you a snipper (well it’s a joke).
  • An in-screen sensor known as Slicker Scanner will give better scanning and will be improved in this new Samsung S30 device.
  • More apps like Samsung Pay, Google all apps, and many more app will be coming free with this amazing device.

Final Words:

Samsung Galaxy S30 will be coming to you with extra more features that will make your life much better and easier with new technologies. Unlike other Samsung devices, this device will be full of new techs. 

Better experiencing with faster processing units. This will be a boom towards the new technology being introduced. I am just waiting for this amazing device launch and grab all the advantages that this new Samsung device provides to us.


8) Samsung E Galaxy Note 20 Ultra – 5G

Samsung Electronics Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is launching soon in India in the upcoming year 2021. This will make a boom in the world of new technologies. Its look in short will be defined as the sexiest phone ever.

Let’s see it’s specifications and features that will create a new boom in the market. Try one of the best Note 20 Ultra with new technologies in the upcoming few months.

Samsung Upcoming Smartphone in 2021

Specifications and Features

  • Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is being launched with 5G+LTE, which will boom the speed of the internet and download it in just a few seconds.
  • Note 20 Ultra comes with a new sexier look of 6.9” Infinity-O-Display, with the ultra HD video quality.
  • This beautiful device contains 3 rear cameras at back with a 108MP main camera with depth and wide camera and flashes control camera that will give your pictures more depth and clarity.
  • A simple in-display front selfie camera of 10 MP will give you a better selfie experience.
  • A lithium battery of 4500 mAH gives a better full day usable life to your phone, which means 20 hours after one go and this is the best phone if you are taking it to a long-distance picnic or journey.
  • Its launch gives you a better processer with 8 GB RAM and 128GB and 512 GB internal storage (expandable battery to 1TB), so keep all your stuff in this sexiest looking phone.
  • The back color of Note 20 Ultra is Mystic White with a great royal shiny look.
  • Dimensions are 7.13*3.74*2.52 inches, also a little bit curvy body makes it more royal in look.
  • Its weight is 467.20 grams which lighter with a Hyperfast processor, smart battery, and super-fast charger with Dynamic Amoled 2* display.
  • You can note down the notes with S-pen with Note 20 Ultra and this will help you to convert your files in word to pdf and excel and many more Samsung apps will be installed which makes it industrial-ready.

Final Words:

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will be coming with a multi-tasking process with an S pen to write like you are writing on paper, with extra more features that will make your life much better and easier with new technologies. Unlike other Samsung devices, this device will be full of new techs. 

A better experience with the faster processing unit. This will be a boom towards the new technology being introduced. I am just waiting for this amazing device launch and grab all the advantages that this new Samsung device provides to us.


9) Samsung Galaxy S21 And S21 Plus And S21 Ultra

Samsung had announced its smartphone series that is two flagship smartphone series for every year-With typical launching information about the Galaxy S and the Galaxy Note each will be going to launch every year one in the first half-year and another in the other half-year half year.

As Samsung Had launched the Galaxy Note 20 in August, but now all eyes will on the new S series, which would be called S21 or S30.

This is everything that I have heard about the Next Galaxy S series and what we can expect from them.

What will be the names of the new S series or Galaxy S series?

  • The Galaxy S21, S21 Plus, and S21 ultra
  • Galaxy S30 is possible

A Samsung is known for its unique names devices no one can predict that after Galaxy S10 they jumped to Galaxy S20 in the year 2020 however, of these things it is clear only now S series will be carried forward but it is still harder to determine the name of next Galaxy S will be called and going forward. 

For now, The brand is not given any confirmation about the names of the next Galaxy S devices but the most maximum of the rumors confirms it as the Galaxy S21, that’s what I refer to its point until there is any evidence.

About The Release

Samsung always offers its consumers the best performer smartphone, they usually announce their devices in February and available for the consumers in the followed month of March so we can expect that the new Galaxy s series should be released in the same order in the year 2021 too.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 was announced officially in February and available for the consumers in the Followed month of March And also Samsung Galaxy S20 was officially announced on 11th February and Sale starts on 6th March.

So, we can expect the Galaxy S21 series to be announced in February and sale from 6th or 12th, but, it is not an official announcement to date we can do an educated guess for now.

Samsung Upcoming Smartphone in 2021

Specifications and Features

When we talk about the design of the Galaxy S series smartphones we think about the sleek and curved designs and of-course the Display.

Samsung S21 is full of technological species that will be launched in the upcoming year 2021. This phone will be having bundles of technological features that are being useful to you in many fields. Here, we will tell you the amazing features that you will need to know before buying this smartphone.

  • Galaxy S21 Samsung had done some little changes in Galaxy S21 from moving the front camera in the center of the display to its top, And the front remains as it is with no changes.
  • The S21 now comes with a waterproof body with a Glass to it’s rear with a metal frame with the different color option available
  • The display size for the S21 will be a little be bigger than the S20 because it has a screen size of 6.7 inches, with curved edges.
  • It will also include a Quad HD+ resolution display for a better seeing experience with a 120Hz refresh rate.
  • But for the Hardware, it is not confirmed as to what S21 will run but according to rumors, it will be emitted with an Exynos 991/992.
  • A good storage option of 128GB storage option, with an ultimate 5G experience.
  • The S21 will offer an under-display front camera with an OIS on the front camera and according to the rumors, there will be a 150 MP main camera.

Final Words:

Samsung S21 will be coming with all the latest technology which makes the consumer’s life easier and of course faster with the high-performing processor. With the best screen display resolution and a data connectivity 

This lets you download your favorite video, music, and much more with a high storage capacity with hands-free on the cloud, The sleek design will make you more than any other smartphone.


10) Galaxy S21+

  • Samsung does not make any big changes with the S21+ the design is the same as that of the S21.
  • The size for the S20+ was 6.7 inches and we would expect a little bit near to it.
  • It remains unclear on what chipset will give power to S21+ but the could be the same as S21 the Exynos 991/992. with a Quad HD+ resolution display, for better quality.
  • This model of the S series has the support of 5G for better connectivity.
  • S21+ also gives its consumers a 256 GB storage option for a cloud-free storage
  • Samsung also offering an OIS connected front camera which is an A. I technology which can detect all your facial expression like eyes open or closed tired face or a happy face.

Samsung Upcoming Smartphone in 2021

Final Words:

The S21+ is a little bit bigger than the S21 and not only in the size but also in some of the specifications. A better experience with a fast processor. and I am waiting for this device.


11) Galaxy S21 Ultra

  • The new Big Galaxy S21 ultra is the biggest from all of the S series with a widescreen of 6.7 inches.
  • It will be going to come with the latest Qualcomm processor with snapdragon 875.
  • It will be going to have the largest storage capacity of more than 256 GB of storage.
  • Samsung will also be providing the new Exynos 1000 chipset which enhances the performance of the device.
  • It weighs about 450.20gm which will be a lighter phone with a hyperfast processor.

Samsung Upcoming Smartphone in 2021

Final Words:

Galaxy S21 ultra is the best phone you will ever buy in the upcoming year 2021 it is the biggest among all S21, S21+ and Samsung will ensure that

Its the consumer will be going to provide them a high-end class experience