Use Of Parental Control Apps For Android To Avoid Cyberbullying

Besides its versatile working and a huge number of social applications, the Digital world has introduced so many challenges concerning the online safety of our youth. Social exploitation has been very common in the history of today’s world. In 2016, an American consulting agency named Cambridge Analytica used the private information of more than 50 million Facebook users to fuel the presidential elections.

In the opinion of the National Crime Prevention Center (NCPC), several changes in behavior like shyness, aggressiveness, a downfall in academic record, disturbed sleep schedule even suicide have been reported in them. Almost half of the teens said they felt extremely angry, of which 15 % felt scared (Statista. 2021. the U.S.).

One-third of the victims said that it affected their friendships, two-third of them said they felt low self-esteem, and 13 % were found with disturbing mental and physical health (Cyberbullying Research center, 2021). 

In these alarming situations, parents need to emphasize the safe use of online control apps for the security of their adorable moppets. As they cannot attach themselves physically with them 24/7, they need some sort of software to be aware of their child’s activity to guard them in the future. 

One of the best parental control apps for android that offers wonderful features in the bundle form is the OgyMogy.


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Parental Control Apps For Android


The best software to be aware of your minor kid’s activities anywhere anytime. With this app, you can get a check on the call log, location, browsing history, SMS record, multimedia, calendar-related activities, emails, screenshots, online chatting forums, keypad monitoring, screen recordings, and many more. The main features are discussed one by one below.

  • Call log

Let’s suppose your loved one is getting threatening calls by some obnoxious harasser who was a friend in the first place but later, he is on the verge of harming him. Your kid is not telling you for some reason may be afraid, but you can check it on time and save him. Call log feature let the parents know about all the incoming and outgoing record. You can even listen to any call as well by using the call recording feature.

  • Location

If your children are misguided by a group of so-called friends or maybe a boyfriend and they call them at some barren place. So, before any misshape happens you will already be there to comfort them and protect them from any damage. The real-time location tracking feature offered by the best parental control app for android the OgyMogy is a  real blessing. 

  • Browsing History

If your child is searching for some age-inappropriate content, you can keep an eye on him in this situation. The track internet history feature allows the parents to check all the websites visited by the teen. Make sure no triggering or sexual stuff is present in your kid’s search box. 

  • Multimedia

Ogymogy can alert you about all the photos and videos and can help you access that your kid is spending only ‘Quality time”.Even if the photo folder is password encrypted, OgyMogy makes it possible for the parents to remotely access the gallery. 

  • Calendar

If your kid has set reminders on different dates you can get know-how about their meetups with whom and when. Access to built-in calendar activities can let the parents know about any secret plan of the  kids before time 

  • Emails

There are many fraud messages that we get daily in our spam folder. This app has thorough detail of their mails. You can check maybe, they spend their money on fake online games or other platforms. Have access to received and sent the email of the kids with attachment details to know who they are in contact with on this forum. 

  • Instagram Spy App:

Social media is everywhere. With the Instagram spy app, you can know about the user account id, updates, story checks, and even the inbox activity of your kid easily. Use the feature and make sure the kid does not share any compromising photos with the public. 

Every parent wants nothing but the best for their kids. The use of spy apps or monitoring software is a new trend and a mandatory one as they offer the loved one’s safety and well-being in the easiest way possible.

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