Top 10 Best OCR Scanner Apps For Extracting Text From Image

The technology of Optical Character Recognition-OCR facilitates the conversion of any paper documents or static images into instantly editable PDF file formats. In simple words, with the OCR scanner apps, you can convert any text comprising image into the editable PDF file, which is digitally accessible. 

Do you need an intuitive OCR scanner app that instantly converts images into text? Check out this list of best scanner apps that are popular for its high-quality performance.

OCR Scanner Apps


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Top 10 OCR Scanner Apps For Image To Text Conversion

Here we share a curated list of feature-packed, most efficient OCR scanner apps that offers multiple useful features.


1) FlashScan

OCR Scanner Apps

Are you looking out for the most simple yet effective scanner app that also supports post-scan PDF operations? Refer to the features of FlashScan and you will know why this app tops our list!


  • It is one of the best free Indian document scanner apps. You can scan any type of paper ( IDs, bills, invoices, certificates, etc) with FlashScan.
  • This OCR scanner app offers an in-built OCR tool. It recognizes text from images within seconds. FlashScan supports more than 50 languages in conversion and also offers a translation facility. You will no longer need any other translation app while you have FlashScan.
  • It offers the batch scan and QR/Barcode scanning facility.
  • It is a brilliant PDF viewer app that lets you see all your PDF files in one place.
  • You can also use it to digitize your signature.
  • It offers Anti-counterfeit and password protection to your PDFs.
  • Sort By feature helps you to sort your files with modification time and name.


2) Smart Doc Scanner

OCR Scanner Apps

Turn your device into an intelligent OCR scanner with this app. Here are amazing of the main points of Smart Doc Scanner.


  • By the app, you can digitize your records with just several taps.
  • The available OCR app correctly extracts text from images. 
  • Get an OCR guide to change images into text in more than 40 languages.
  • It allows precise edge exposure to quickly set the frames of your reports in real-time.


3) Google Keep

OCR Scanner Apps

Google Keep is the quickest way to offload, thoughts, ideas, and to-dos without losing focus.

  • The robust OCR technology of this app literally helps for the fastest image to text extraction.
  • You can search for any notes with this app.
  • Users can group the notes, sort it in order, and club it together for better organization.
  • It presents a user-friendly interface with easy exploration.


4) Adobe Scan

OCR Scanner Apps

Adobe scan allows users to just point their device camera towards the text and it will scan and detect the text automatically.


  • It is one of the best OCR scanner apps, that offers free conversion. it extracts text from images with zero errors.
  • The built-in editor enables users to highlight, comment, annotate, and edit texts.
  • Adobe Scan gives 5GB of cloud storage space.
  • Along with OCR scanning tools, it also offers an easy scanning process. You can scan various types of documents with this app.


5) Text Scanner

Best Scanner Apps

This OCR scanner app is the fastest image to text converter in the market. Get Text Scanner when you need a combination of quality and quantity.


  • It extracts text from images with 100% accuracy.
  • It Supports photos of your album, bills, receipts, and all types of documents.
  • It is the only app that supports more than 50 languages.


6) PrimeScanner

Best Scanner Apps

Prime Scanner is an easy-to-use free OCR scanner app that also works as a brilliant PDF maker. 


  • Prime Scanner is a free PDF maker that offers an unlimited number of free scans per day. You can scan as many documents as you want and generate high-quality PDFs for free.
  • It also offers an intuitive OCR tool that helps to extract text from images. 
  • With a straightforward interface and simple functionality, PrimeScanner can be the best pick for simple case OCR necessity.
  • Get a premium version to enjoy a watermark-free and add-free scanning experience.


7) Evernote Scannable

Best Scanner Apps

Evernote scannable is a reliable brand name in the scanning industry. It offers the below-mentioned features.


  •  It scans and identifies different types of documents easily.
  • The smart OCR functionality works well and offers quite a satisfactory extraction of text from images.
  • Cropping, rotating, and changing the brightness of the scanned images is possible with this simple scanner app.
  • Users can add text and drawings in their scanned images with this OCR scanner app.


8) Text Fairy

Best OCR Scanner Apps

Text fairy is the lightest OCR scanner app. It works smoothly and offers many useful features.


  • The OCR functionality enables you to accurately recognize text from images. 
  • It recognizes text from more than 50 languages.
  • It is one of the best OCR scanner apps that allows post-scan edits.
  • You can easily correct the image viewpoint.


9) Image To Text OCR

OCR Scanner Apps

It is a dedicated OCR scanner app that is popular for its text recognition. It is a free tool that offers an add-free conversion experience.


  • Perhaps the most intuitive OCR scanner that offers flawless extraction of text from any images.
  • It supports more than 30 languages for recognition. 
  • Get the facility of batch scanning( works well only when you have a strong Internet connection).
  • Avail 10 Pro OCR scan free in the first install and 5 Pro OCR scans free daily.


10) OCR Camera Text Scanner

OCR Scanner Apps

Last in the list of best OCR scanner apps is OCR Camera Text Scanner.


  • Get the standard OCR tool that extracts text from images in seconds for free.
  • It extracts text from JPG, JPEG, BMP, PDF, format images.
  • It offers in-app purchases for value-added features.


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Concluding Notes

Although all these apps offer an accurate image to text conversion, if you are searching for a one-stop-scanning solution, we highly recommend you to use FlashScan. This OCR scanner app even supports non-Latin languages such as Hindi, Bengali, Chinese, etc.


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