Why did I Chose kindle Paperwhite 10th Generation Review – Benefits Of Kindle in 2021 India

The Kindle paperwhite is more than an incrementally updated version. It is much more updated and manufactured with the latest features.

Kindle paperwhite 10th generation review is generally a bit high in price but this kindle paperwhite is much more affordable and it has a great balance in its features. Its lightweight and sleek look surely is an impressive thing to notice and consider.

It is travel friendly, easy, and comfortable to hold and read. Its long-lasting battery life is an excellent thing for e-book readers, and also its mind-blowing glare-free LED display offers you a satisfying visual experience.

In this Kindle paperwhite 10th generation review, you can change the brightness and size of fonts according to your preferences. Other than these all specifications, there are many similarities so let’s dig in. 


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Let’s Talk About More Features

  • Weight- This kindle paperwhite is very light in weight as it is only 132gms. It is so light that you can put it inside your jacket pocket easily. It has a thinner look which makes it looks classy and stylish.
  • Design- It is black in color and has a modern design which makes it sturdy. Its cover is made of plastic but with a rubberized finish. It also has bezels so it is to hold the kindle. It has a micro USB and charging port at the bottom.
  • Display- It offers you an anti-glare display of 6 inches. It has a black border on the side of the display which works as a guard to the kindle. It offers laser-quality text and the storage is twice of its previous generation. It offers you 300ppi density and 5 LEDs which give you a bright and vibrant display.
  • Battery- With one single charge, its battery lasts for 3 to 4 weeks if you use it an hour a day.
  • It is water-resistant which makes it safe to carry everywhere. It offers you an IPX8 rating which means it can survive for 60minuntes inside the water.
  • It offers you 8GB RAM, much more than the previous models. This means that you can read more than a thousand books on this kindle paperwhite.
  • It definitely goes beyond a book, it offers you the facility to increase or decrease the size of fonts.
  • It gives you 30 days of free unlimited access to thousands of books.
  • It also offers you form-fitting covers which give the advantage of folding it and use it as a stand.
  • System requirements- It is not fully wireless but it does not require any computer to download content.

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  • Storage- 8 GB and 32 GB variant available
  • Generation- 10th
  • Wi-Fi- Yes
  • 4G- In 32GB only
  • Thickness- 8.2mm
  • Waterproof- IPX8 rated
  • LEDs- 5
  • Resolution- 300ppi
  • Screen size- 6 inches
  • Format of contents supported- JPEG, HTML, DOCX, PDF,TXT,PMP, DOC


Kindle Paperwhite 10th Generation Review

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  • It has a long-lasting battery lifespan.
  • It offers you a crystal clear anti-glare LED display to enjoy.
  • It is IPX8 rated water-resistant.
  • It offers an extremely smooth performance.
  • It is best for avid readers.
  • It is very much affordable among other kindles.



  • It does not have audiobooks.
  • It has no case to carry or protect the display.


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Features To Consider While Buying A Kindle

  • Screen size
  • Price
  • Storage
  • Connectivity
  • Waterproof
  • Built-in front light


FAQs about Kindle paperwhite 10th Gen


  • Can you turn off the lights?

Yes, you can surely turn off the light or adjust the brightness. You can do so by clicking on the menu option by sliding the top 3rd of the screen.


  • Are there any buttons to turn the page?

No, it does not have any buttons but you can surely turn the pages by just tapping on either side of the page. I think it’s much easier and user friendly.


  • Does a power adapter come with the kindle?

No, it does not offer any power adapter but it surely has a Micro USB charging port at the bottom.


  • Is the Kindle keyboard lighter than paperwhite?

No, the kindle keyboard is not lighter than the paperwhite.


  • Does it have any cameras?

No, it does not offer you a camera.


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Final Verdict:-

Overall The kindle paperwhite which is of 10th Generation is a great Amazon feature-packed e-book to buy and use. It has become every ebook reader’s favorite due to its latest and updated specifications.

It indeed has a combination of interesting features which will surely keep you entertained and satisfied. This kindle paperwhite is incredible to choose and buy at its ultra-affordable price.

It is strongly recommended!


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