How To Choose The Right Pair Of Truly Wireless Earbuds

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In today’s world, everything revolves around technology and gadgets are ruling the world today. 

Research suggests that an average human spends more than 4866 hours in a year on different gadgets like laptops, Mobile phones, Tablets, etc.   

Due to a pandemic where everything has been put on halt and big multinational companies are adopting the ‘Work from home culture, it can be frustrating at times with poor functionality of gadgets. 

After laptops and mobile phones, headphones or earbuds are probably the second most important gadget in your gadget stack as good sound helps your brain to cope up with stress, It calms your nerves and eventually increases your concentration and replenishes your brain.

Coming to headphones/earbuds, everybody in their life must have felt the urge to buy a pair of good headphones/earbuds. 

If you are tired of detangling your wired headphones or earphones every time you take them out from your pocket, then you should definitely consider looking for wireless earbuds. Since technology today is ever-evolving, things are never the same as they used to be once. Headphones have been transformed into earbuds over the years.

The true distinction that sets the truly Wireless Earbuds apart from wired headphones is that earbuds are completely wireless and free of any cables. 

There are multiple advantages of an earbud over conventional wired headphones.

  1. They are perfect for the fast-paced and active life
  2. They are wireless
  3.  Better Connectivity
  4.  Light
  5. Portable

When it comes to purchasing any pair of earbuds, there are multiple factors that need to be taken into consideration.

The list arranged is in the order of priority.


This is the first and the foremost important factor. Most of the earbuds that are available at low prices are not truly wireless even though they claimed to be one. And even if you manage to find one, the quality of sound is brutally compromised. For earbuds to be true wireless, the Bluetooth chip must be impeccable. Cheap earbuds use low-quality Bluetooth chips which causes a delay in sound. In fact, the microphones used in the cheaper ones are of low quality.

Sound Quality:

This is perhaps the second most important feature you should definitely be looking for while choosing to check the sound quality of earbuds before purchasing as it is the USP (Unique Selling Point) of earbuds. Everything comes after this. 

Battery life:

Before looking for perfect earbuds, check for their battery life and make sure they are offering 3 hrs of continuous listening as per the current standards along with a case that provides an additional charging backup up to 12 hrs. It might not be as important to you as of now, but it definitely helps when you are traveling a long distance straight without any charging socket available to you. 


Look for the earbuds that come with sound control and a pause button. It’s not possible to take your device out and change it manually. This saves your time and makes your listening experience hassle-free.

Go for Bluetooth 5.0 and above:

Bluetooth 5.0 and above or atleast 4.2 as it provides better connectivity and long-range 

Noise cancellation:

Sounds coming from the outside world while listening to anything may hamper your listening experience. Look for the earbuds that ensure complete sound isolation so that it doesn’t hinder between you and your pastime. Although this feature comes with the drawback of battery drainage. So make sure not to apply this feature for long enough as it might decrease your battery life.


The earbuds you choose should be as light as possible. Anything that feels heavy on your body is not comfortable. Always look for earbuds that are super light and easy to carry.

Choose well and Happy listening.


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