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Hey! Guys, How are you? In this blog, we’ll be talking about yet another powerful Gaming Headphones by JBL Quantum which is mainly a gaming headphone now JBL has launched the quantum gaming series which ranges from 2,499 to 22,999. The manufacturer has expanded its range for a regular customer to a professional gamer. Quantum series has 7 sets with different features and specifications and prices.

Step into the world of gaming with the JBL Quantum gaming headset. This series of quantum gaming has launched recently especially for gamers. JBL quantum headphones deliver an epic and realistic soundscape for a perfect gamer.

The JBL Headphones are fashionable, durable, and sleek at the same time, earphones that deliver powerful and clear sound, with complete comfort. These headphones take your listening experience to the next level. So here I am going to review the best gaming headset from JBL quantum.

Gadget Groot present Top-5 Best JBL Quantum Gaming Headphones or Headset


1. JBL Quantum 100 Wired Over-Ear Gaming Headset with Detachable Mic

JBL Quantum 100 gaming headphones are a series of quantum gaming headphones. Quantum 100 headsets deliver the most realistic sound as it feels you are inside the game. These gaming headphones also come with detachable boom mic with mute features for crystal clear communication during gaming. Their ergonomic design will attract you. These headphones are soo lightweight so that you can easily wear them for like hours.

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More Specifications:-

• Quantum Sound Signature:- JBL headphones deliver the most realistic soundscape for a perfect gamer. Quantum Headphones deliver the epic scene and luxurious sound quality.

• Detachable Boom Mic:- JBL Quantum 100 headsets provide you the detachable and voice focus directional mic with mute features.

• Lightweight Headsets:- quantum 100 headsets come with the most comfortable and softest ear cushions equipped inside for durability.

• Platform Compatibility:- JBL gaming headphones are mainly for PC gaming, Nintendo, Xbox, Mac, PlayStation, etc.


2. JBL Quantum 200 Wired Over-Ear Gaming Headphone with Flip-up Mic & Discord Certified

JBL quantum 200 headsets are the second series of quantum gaming headphones. Turn your game into an epic reality featuring JBL Quantum 200 Wired over-ear gaming headset.
Quantum 200 equipped with all you need in a competitive battle. Specially created for PC gaming, console’s, Nintendo, Xbox, Mac, PlayStation, and VR.JBL 200 Headsets comes with 50mm of dynamic drivers which delivers the most realistic sound and thumping bass quality.

gaming headset

More Specifications:-

• JBL quantum 200 headphones come with 50mm neodymium drivers deliver signature and crystal clear sound quality for perfect gaming sessions and is designed to experience the finest audio quality.

• Switch on to the voice focus directional boom mic with on\off and mute features for crystal clear communication.

• The lightweight headband comes with soft cushion coverings for durability and comfort.

• Compatible with Windows Sonic Spatial Sound built into Windows 10 PC and Xbox One consoles


3. JBL Quantum 300 Hybrid Wired Over-Ear Gaming Headset with QuantumSurround & Flip-up Mic

Step into your game with superior audio.JBL Quantum 300 wired headset creates a new technology immersion welcome to JBL Quantum 300 Signature and accurate audio quality. JBL Quantum surround creates a realistic and epic soundscape that drops you in the middle of the climax which gives you an edge and maximizes your performance on your gaming consoles.

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More Specifications:-

• JBL quantum 300 lets you win the rally with flip-up, voice focus directional boom mic enables crystal clear communications with both allies and enemies.

• JBL 300 is compatible with all gaming platforms like PC gaming, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, Switch, Mobile, Mac, and VR.

• JBL headphones are ergonomic PC software customization that suits for various user-profiles and microphone setting modifications.

• JBL quantum 300 is Lightweight and long-lasting headband with soft memory foam cushioning and detachable ear cushions equipped.


4. JBL Quantum 400 Over-Ear Gaming Headphone with QuantumSurround, Discord Certified Game Chat Dial & Voice Focus Boom Mic

Enjoy the game with the best quantum headphones of JBL 400 which is specially created for gamers with the most immersive sound experience with luxurious surround sound powered by the included JBL Quantum Engine PC software. JBL surround sound put you to the whole gaming vibe. JBL headphones are equipped with DTS headphones :X v2.0.

gaming headset

More Specifications:-

• Gaming Chat dial:- JBL Quantum 400 features a Game-chat balanced which discovered by DISCORD which is also compatible for group speak and other communication platforms.

• Voice Focus Boom Mic:- JBL Quantum 400 headsets lets you to auto On\Off with mute features with voice focus directional boom mic.

• JBL Quantum 400 headphones are Compatible with all gaming platforms like PC Gaming, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, Mobile, Mac, and VR.

• JBL Quantum 400 headphones provide RGB effects tuner to create your lighting effect.


5. JBL Quantum 600 Wireless Over-Ear Performance Gaming Headset with QuantumSurround, Lossless 2.4GHz Wireless Connectivity,14 Hrs Battery Life

JBL Quantum 600 wireless gaming headset comes with quantum surround sound delivers stunning multi-channel audio to create an incredibly realistic quality soundscape for the cinematic type of immersion and a true audio edge over the competition. JBL quantum 600 wireless equipped with DTS headphone:X 2.0.

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More Specifications:-

• Quantum 600 is a gaming-grade lossless 2.4GHz wireless headset that comes with a 14-hours of playback.

• Quantum 600 delivers cinematic and realistic detailed sound quality which makes every scene epic and every gamer more competitive.

• JBL Quantum 600 is certified by DISCORD game chat balance dial lets you adjust audio voice. Separate chat audio allowing you to set the proper balance on headsets without leaving the game.

• The lightweight, long-lasting, headband, and leather-covered memory soft foam ear cushions were crafted for even the longest gaming sessions. Detachable ear pads make the headset easy to clean.



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