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Music plays an ever-increasing role in our lives. Once limited to live concerts, we now can enjoy music in our cars, homes, and even while we are taking a walk. But as libraries and streaming services now proliferate our listening options, improving on sound quality and audio performance has been a complex and expensive option, until now.

Enter Rocksteady Stadium, a portable Audio System that connects multiple speakers wirelessly can go wherever you go and delivers clarity of sound that redefines the music that we listen to.


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Rocksteady Stadium speaker



A Rocksteady Stadium speaker can connect to your phone, laptop, or most audio sources wirelessly (via a Bluetooth connection) or using a 3.5mm audio cable for those who prefer to use their analog source. In our tests, connecting to a Rocksteady Stadium speaker via Bluetooth is as simple as fast as we have seen with any similar device. First-time connection took only 3 seconds, and subsequent reconnections happened so quickly that I had to check to be sure it was actually completed.

The magic of Rocksteady Stadium occurs when you have multiple Rocksteady Stadium speakers. With the tap of a single button, you can connect multiple speakers together to create an expansive listening experience. But that’s not it’s only and best trick.

Most music is recorded in stereo, meaning that the sound your left ear and the right ear hears can be different, but when heard together, it can tickle your senses and immerse you in music in an exciting way. In order to best appreciate the dynamic stereophonic sensation that this can bring, placement of the speakers within your listening area plays a critical role in delivering, and choosing the right speaker hardware is just as important.

Rocksteady Stadium’s battery-powered bookshelf design means you can have fun placing the speakers in different locations based on where you are, and with a simple flick of a switch, assign each speaker as either a left channel, right channel, or set for both channels at the same time. I enjoyed the ability to place them throughout my listening area and heard my favorites songs fill my room with varying pitches and tones to my delight. And then when I moved to another room, and then to my backyard, I enjoyed the simplicity of bringing my ‘Sound System’ with me and sharing the delight with my family and friends.


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Sound Clarity:

Sound clarity is something you don’t know you were missing until you hear it and is something you will miss as soon as you lose it. Sound clarity is like lifting a veil (or filter more accurately) and allows the details within music and vocals to be heard on their own, and in concert with the other parts of the music that surrounds it. Whatever genre of music you prefer, I found that I was able to hear the words of each song I listened to, and the details of the percussion beat of the drums, and melody of each instrument distinctly as its own event within the complexity of the music I was enjoying.

I found the sound to be full and with good bass too. The sound felt balanced and was rich, and was as effective with Hip Hop as it was with Jazz (and other forms of music). Where I thought it performed best was with complex music, as the songs really sounded different than what I was accustomed to (thanks to that clarity).



Portability comes in all forms, shapes, and sizes, and some speakers are more portable than others, though Rocksteady Stadium checks all the right boxes. It features a 16 hours battery pack that recharges in about 2 hours using its included fast charger (USB Type-C); sits securely on any flat surface thanks to its ‘gummy’ silicone padding; or easily hangs from a screw (or nail) thanks to its integrated mounting port.

They also offer a 4 speaker carrying bag that makes it even easier… Simply unzip, turn on, and hit play to extend your listening area to wherever you are.  



Flexibility in tech often means that it can be used however you want to use them, and this is where Rocksteady Stadium shines brightest. I tested using 4 Rocksteady Stadium speakers but found myself grabbing just one when I was working in the garage or doing chores in the backyard.

When I wanted to expand my listening area, I added a second speaker and spaced it out at the corners of my yard, so I could listen to music seamlessly as I moved around. Later, when I was ready to rest, I brought the two speakers closer together, switched one to Left and the other to play the Right Channel, and was immediately rewarded with a Stereophonic music environment that delighted my ears.  

Adding two more speakers was as simple as could be, and created a unique experience that you need to listen to in order to believe. Lost to me at the moment was the location of the speakers, and instead, I felt surrounded by music approaching me from all directions, with uniformity and clarity that I had never heard before.



I have always felt that the best technology is what simply does what I want it to do, and without fuss or requiring a manual. Rocksteady Stadium delivers on this promise in spades. It was simple to set up, and even easier to use again. The manual had large simple instructions, and they also had simple to follow videos I could watch if I struggled from there. But fortunately, I didn’t need to consult either as everything just worked and was intuitive. I even had my 80-year-old father use them for a while without needing to explain anything beyond what it does to him before he too was enjoying them how I had.



Rocksteady Stadium speakers are bookshelf in design, meaning that they are not your typical Bluetooth portable speakers. Looking closely, you can see that there are 2 front-facing speakers, one tweeter handling high notes, one ‘mid-level’ speaker handling the mids, and two side blasting woofers, one on each side.  

The top panel is a touch-sensitive control area where you can adjust volume, track options (play, pause, next and previous songs), and the connectivity controls (to connect to my phone and to connect other Rocksteady Stadium speakers.


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A 4 speaker bundle costs $499.99 ($125 each), or you can buy a 2 pack for $274.99, and a single speaker for $149.99. It is hard to compare Rocksteady Stadium to other speakers as it is a unique solution, but compared to home-based nonportable systems, it is a great value, and compared to more traditional Bluetooth speakers, it is right in the sweet spot of the market in terms of price.

Rocksteady Stadium is for sale at Amazon,, and at, as well as other sites and stores

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