Comparison boAt Airdopes 281 vs boAt Airdopes 171 – Review After 6 Months Of Use

boAt Airdopes 281 vs boAt Airdopes 171 – The boAt is an Indian brand that produces several electronic items that have new technologies and features. The main products it produces and is on boom/rise are wireless headphones, earphones, earbuds, speakers, etc. 

This company gives us the fine quality of product with sound clarity and the ultra-high edge of Bass that will make you feel every beat of the melody you hear from these devices.

Let’s see more information about these devices and you will here get the true review about these and will share with you my experience when I first used these products.


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boAt Airdopes 281 vs boAt Airdopes 171


Comparison Table – boAt Airdopes 281 vs boAt Airdopes 171

A comparison table is the best way to give a short review of the specifications and features these Airdopes are having. Let’s look it out best of these and I have been truly used these both and guys I want to tell you these are really amazing, Hurry Up! The sale is on.


TypeIn-ear wireless earbudsIn-ear wireless earbuds
Playback Time3.5 Hours4 Hours
Weight (of earbuds)8 grams4.2 grams
Charging TypesUSB simple chargeUSB Fast charge
IWP TechnologyNo(absent)No(absent)
IPX TechnologyIPX5(water, sweat, and shock resistant)IPX4 (water and sweat resistant
BATTERY BACKUP (WITH TIME)10 Hrs ( 400mAH)13 Hrs ( 420 mAH battery in case)
Ratings8.2 / 109.4 / 10
Audio QualityCrystal Clear Audio QualityHD sound quality
BassGood BassHigh Bass
Special FeaturesWireless connectivity, smart charging case, IPX5 technology, and other technical features.Bluetooth v5.0 compatibility with all devices, cool charging case, IPX4 technology, and nice battery backup.


Boat Airdopes 281 Review

Amazing Truly Wireless Airdopes 281 comes out with the HD crystal sound quality with a High bass that will blow your mind. boAt Airdopes 281 vs boAt Airdopes 171 – This product is originally manufactured by Boat which is an Indian brand. Let’s see some more specifications about this new product.

boAt Airdopes 281 vs boAt Airdopes 171Comparison boAt Airdopes 281 vs boAt Airdopes 171 - Review After 6 Months Of UseCheck Best Price

Specifications And Features:

  • Boat Airdopes 281 are amazing Airdopes coming out in such a budgeted range.
  • This truly wireless Airdopes has new technologies inside it with High Bass and extra clear audio quality.
  • IPX5 Technology makes it water and sweat resistant that makes me more comfortable to use while in sports and swim.
  • Bluetooth v5.0 Technology makes it to connect with all the devices compatible with the same technology.
  • The dimension of this amazing product is 4×1.9×2.5 cm which can be fitted to your ear size easily.
  • The weight of this Airdopes 281 is 8 grams that are quite satisfied and feel comfortable in my ears when used for it the first time.
  • 420 Mah smart charging case contains a pair of two earbuds with a 40 mAH battery in each that can give you 3.5 hours of playback in one charge only.
  • The Hardware case of this Airdopes contains a pair of Airdopes 281, User manual, USB charging cable, extra earbuds, warranty card.


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Boat Airdopes 171 Review

In-Budget Boat Airdopes 171 are so cool in look and made up of good quality of plastic material. I bought these amazing Airdopes and find really good after hearing it’s crystal clear sound quality and high bass. Let’s see what I have discovered from this boAt Airdopes 281 vs boAt Airdopes 171.

boAt Airdopes 281 vs boAt Airdopes 171

Check Best PriceComparison boAt Airdopes 281 vs boAt Airdopes 171 - Review After 6 Months Of Use

Specifications And Features:

  • Boat Airdopes 171 really have a good quality of material used to make it and also its comfortable fit makes them a royal feel.

  • Dimensions are 5×3.8×3 cm that really good and amazing fitting that can be easily fit in your ears.

  • I personally found the weight is somehow light i.e. only 50 grams.

  • These come in three different colors those are Rose Gold, Mysterious Blue, and Active Black.

  • IPX-4 technology makes it water and sweat resistant that will make it to wear in Gym or During exercise.

  • These Airdopes can give you 13 hours of playback time so that you can hear your melody non-stop.

  • The 43 mAH battery in the earbuds that weighs only 4.2 grams can charge in 2 hours under the charging case.

  • The hardware box contains Airdopes 171, Pair of extra earmuffs, a User Manual, Charging cable with one warranty card.


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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q) –boAt Airdopes 281 vs boAt Airdopes 171


Ques 1: Which of these supports surrounding sound?

Ans: Both of the Airdopes are capable of capturing the surrounding sound.


Ques 2: Can we connect more than one device at a time?

Ans: No, we can’t we can only connect one device at a time but the device connects with any device fastly and easily.


Ques 3: Which device is having better bass and sound quality?

Ans: Both of the devices are having HD crystal clear sound quality. The high supreme bass will make you feel more comfortable and feel those high beats of drums.


Ques 4: Does Both of these Airdopes comprises of new technologies like IPX water resistant?

Ans: Yes, Airdopes 281 have IPX-5 and Airdopes 171 have IPX-4 technology that really seems to be quite amazing.


Ques 5: Do we get a noise cancellation feature in any of these?

Ans: No, there does not have any INC feature but the cool fit, high bass, and nice sound quality make them extremely fabulous.



Both devices Airdopes 281 and Airdopes 171 are having futuristic technology inside with them. You will get Bluetooth v5.0 technology. The IPX technology makes both of the water and sweat resistant and one extra feature you will get is the shockproof so now no worries. 

Both of boAt Airdopes 281 vs boAt Airdopes 171 having a nice battery backup. And I will only say I used both of these Airdopes and find a satisfying review just because I love using the products made by this Indian brand BOAT. These cool devices are available on Amazon which is the best platform for online shopping.

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