boAt Airdopes 201 True Wireless Earbuds Review, Features And Specification

Friends, today I have to bring one of the best earbuds which is the best selling and most liked wireless earbuds. I am talking about boAt Airdopes 201 review which is an excellent wireless Bluetooth earphone. Its sound quality and design are very good and attractive, you will definitely like it on seeing it.

boAt Airdopes 201 Review

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Let’s Talk About Its Design And Color

If we talk about its design and color, then you will get to see 4 colors here. Black, Red, Green, and Blue. These four colors look very beautiful and attractive. When you use these boAt Airdopes, it will give a premium look.

This boAt Airdopes 201 comes in a small case, which gives a premium look. The design and color of this case box are very simple with boAt branding on its upper lid. And behind this case box, you will find a port for micro USB charging, with the help of which you can charge it.

On the front side of this boAt Airdopes box, you will find some LED indicators that will tell how much your earbuds are charging and when you put it on the charge, these LED lights will light up.

Now let’s talk about what you will get with these Airdopes. If you unbox it, then you will first get some manual guides and a warranty card, in which you can tell how you can use this boAt Airdopes 201. Then you will find some extra earmuffs in this box, and a USB cable for charging.


Let’s Talk About Its Sound Quality

boAt Airdopes 201 review if we talk about its sound quality, then you get to hear a very good sound. Its bass and music are very loud, if you listen to it at full volume then you will enjoy it.

If you are watching a movie or web series, then definitely use it and take advantage of it, believe me, guys you will enjoy using it so much if you are a music lover or you like listening to songs, then you definitely buy it.

boAt Airdopes 201 ReviewboAt Airdopes 201 True Wireless Earbuds Review, Features And SpecificationCheck Best Price


Talk About Features & Specification boAt Airdopes 201 Review

  1. Now let’s talk about charging, this Airdopes will give 3 hours of battery backup and you can charge its case box 4 times, and once full charge, it will give you full day battery backup.
  2. Your Airdopes 100% charge in 1 to 1.5 hours. Its charging case comes with 470 mAh, which is a very good option.
  3. It has the technology of Bluetooth v5.0 which will very easily support Android and iOS, Its Bluetooth distance is up to 10 m.
  4. The technology has been using IPX4 which will protect your boAt Airdopes 201 from water drops, sweat, and dust particles.
  5. Here you are also given a mic, 1 mic per earbud, which you can record your voice and can also use for calling. You can also turn on voice assistants in one click.
  6. If you talk about warranty, here you are being given a 1-year warranty. To get a warranty, you give a missed call on this number 9223032222 when you purchase it on any date or reach out to us at +912249461882/[email protected]


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Let’s Know How To Use It boAt Airdopes 201 Review

To use it, you will have to connect your laptop, mobile phone, tablet, or computer to Bluetooth. First of all, take out your earbuds from the charging case and turn on the Bluetooth of your mobile device and do a new search, after doing a new search you will show the name boAt Airdopes 201. Then connect your earbuds with your device.

You can slow down and speed up your music with 1 or 2 click buttons of your airdopes. You can easily control all functions. Whether you want to voice assistant on, receive the call, or do some music backward and forward.


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So, friends, that’s all for today, boAt Airdopes 201 gives a full review, if you want to buy this boAt Airdopes 201, then check my given link, you can buy it very easily from Amazon. You have to click on the “Check Best Price” button and you can buy these wireless earbuds from Amazon.

This is a very good product, its sound quality, its design, all its features are very attractive to me. If we talk about its ratings and reviews, the public has given it very high ratings.


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