Best Washing Machine Brands in India

We as humans have transformed our lives into a technology-dependent arena and when it’s about laundry, it is no more a time-consuming task as it was before. All credit goes to the new age best washing machines in India. Today, a washer-dryer machine is an unavoidable unit in any household. It is considered as one of the basic needs of any urban home and indeed it is a crucial resource.

Best Washing Machine Brands

A washing machine is offered in two different setups by almost every major brand in the Industry. You will have an option to choose from automatic and semi-automatic washers. Automatic machines are available as front load washing machines and top load washing machines while semi-automatic washing machines are available in top load setup only.  

Deciding the most suitable washing machine for yourself when there are so many models with different features by many reputed brands is quite difficult. So through this article, I have tried to bring light to the best washing machine brands you can easily trust.


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Below, you will find the list of best washing machine brands in India via priority and I would like to tell you that our team of experts surveyed over 2350+ consumers across India. Based on that survey, we have listed the top 5 brands to go with in case you are looking forward to buying a washing machine for your abode. We analyzed many different factors like cleaning performance, price competency, energy-saving efficiency, required wash cycles concerning Indian textile and weather requirements, the design & appearance, and the quality of after-sales service by the most talked about brands in the washing machine segment.

Doing no later, let’s just begin reading about them one by one below:


Best Washing Machine Brands in India:


  1. LG

“INNOVATION FOR A BETTER LIFE’’ LG truly follows its slogan and always provides the latest features at the best prices. They always aim to deliver the most required features at convenient prices. It is considered as the number one brand in terms of cleaning performance and that makes it beat Samsung by 30% in annual sales figure. It happens with many integrated advanced features like 6 Motion Direct Drive Motor which aims at delivering an excellent washing experience with optimum use of energy.

If you will look at the range of wash cycles the brand focuses on, you will find vast options of fabric oriented wash programs. For example, there are special programs for cotton specific, denim, silk, wool, or saree specific wash cycles which makes LG units capable of washing different textile types of India.

Also, Additional features like child lock, auto-restart in case of power failure, smart sensors, included in many economical range washing machines 

One of the most crucial data to list LG at the top is the utmost quality of after-sales service offered by the brand. LG has a special focus on delivering excellent customer service. You can easily download their smart application and troubleshoot some easy errors displayed on your washing machine display. In case of some serious issue, just connect with their professional technician and they usually visit the customer site in the next 24 to 48 hours of the ticket.

You can click below to check the Best Seller Washing Machines from LG. 

If you are a bit tight with the budget, I would recommend you to see our runner up in this list, that’s Samsung.

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  1. Samsung

Samsung and LG, both are the most loved brands because of the quality and service they offer. In the last decade, Samsung has integrated many advanced features like a diamond drum, inverter technology, Samsung’s smart instant customer support app system for immediate troubleshooting.

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  1. Whirlpool

Whirlpool has introduced many heart throbbing features in their washers which makes them secure the third position in this list. Also, if you are a design-oriented consumer, let me tell you Whirlpool units have received the iF Design award for their spectacular design sense. 

Adding on, You can enjoy many advanced upgrades like Automatic detergent dosage recommendation, 3D Scrubbing for hard stain removal, or ZPF technology for 50% Faster filling of water in the tub. Especially, if you are looking for Semi-Automatic Washing Machines

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  1. IFB

If you are looking for Fully Automatic washing machines. You can replace the third position with IFB. With approximately 27% of the share in the Indian Consumer Market for Automatic Washers, IFB has been growing every year. According to our last survey, IFB machines have received 3.8/5 ratings from over 3000+ consumers based in India.

So these are the 4 most positively reviewed and the most liked brands in India. If you are looking forward to buying a washing machine for your abode. You must consider units from the above-mentioned brands because a washing machine is not something you are going to buy every other day.

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