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In 1957, Morton Heilig invented this Virtual reality Technology. Sensorama was the first VR Headset device that gives birth to the world of virtuality. In 1968, the Sword of Damocles the VR HMD had made a new step in this new technology. After that MIT makes a virtual tour of Aspen and gives you one step forward of this best technology. If you want to buy the best VR headset in India, so read this full article at the end. And select the best VR headset.

So, now we are also taking you to the tour of the best VR headset in India which will take you to the new virtual World. As every month you will get an upgraded version let’s find out the best VR boxes for you and to your friends.


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best vr headset in india


We Are Present Top-5 Best VR Headset in India


1) IRUSU Play VR Plus Box Premium Headset:

IRUSU gives you the best VR headset in India. It’s the previous headset Irusu 3D mini also comes with the good quality after that, Irusu comes out with the next level of technology and give abetter experience. This product have the modification button at atop to modify the lenses, It’s capacitive touch button makes it to feel like the next generation product. This is best compatible with all types of devices. Let’s see its specification and features.


  • IRUSU Play VR Plus Box comes with a premium look and its High Definition quality gives it one foot forward to all other devices.
  • This product comes with a dimension of 19.79*13.49*9.89 cm, with the adjustable fit with all head sizes.
  • It’s a new model with model number IR_002 which is the latest version of it.
  • It comes with the HD 42 mm lenses which increases its quality and makes you feel more realistic to the virtual world.
  • Light-weighted Irusu has only 320-gram weight comprises of all new best technologies.
  • This comes in the rectangular form factor and black color cool body that makes you feel Royale.
  • Best VR headset in India, truly adjustable lenses, extra fit new design, and the premium quality feels good and will let you enjoy every moment you spend on this of watching movies, web series, Netflix, etc.
  • It is compatible with all the devices like it can be off android or iOS apple i-phone, each every phone fits in this new VR-Box.
  • This is the best product launched with all touch buttons, no remote. Motion detection and improving performance with Gyroscope and suitable to the 6.5-inch device too, with High Definition quality of 1080 pixels.


2) Procus One Best virtual reality headset 40 mm lenses:

Procus being the best VR headset in India for creating the virtual world a real look. This gives you a better experience and a good quality product. This product can take you to another virtual world that makes you feel like in heaven. Let’s begin with the specifications and features of this VR box.


  • Procus one comes with the biggest lenses of 40 mm and the good quality of this wide range gives you a great experience.
  • It comes with a 4.71” – 5.99” screen with the gyroscope technology that takes you every gesture more comfortable.
  • These are having touch buttons inbuilt in this headphone only.
  • This device is compatible with all the smartphones, easier connectivity with android and iOS devices.
  • HD technology with 3D gaming tech that will give you a better experience in gaming too.
  • Its dimensions are given as 22.79*16.22*11.85 cm with a comfortable fit.
  • This item weighs 290 gram only, this lightweight VR Box takes to another level.


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Oculus Go is the best VR headset in India and the easy to use technology. This headphone has a brand new technology that will give you good quality and a better experience for you all to take you the tour of the virtual world but seems to be real. It’s having truly standalone feature no external hardware, enjoy watching movies on the 30-foot virtual screen, better gaming experience, and also for a great experience in meetings with the phone using video calling.


  • OCULUS GO STANDALONE VR BOX HEADSET is the best VR headset in India with Next Generation Oculus made lenses.
  • It’s LCD screen and the wide quad and fast moves to the visual clarity and takes you the High Definition video quality.
  • It’s the best quality and extra fit can make you comfortable with every head size.
  • If you are having a habit of seeing movies and web series on Netflix skybox apps then guys trust me these are the best headsets.
  • If you want to see 3-d movies and want to go to the virtual space tour then on even low resolution it will give you a better experience.
  • The great new technology builds incomes with only 1.23 kilograms of weight.
  • Its dimensions are 21*21*12 cm and its extra fit can be adjustable with your head size.
  • This body has the skinny seat creamy white color with a grey shade that gives it a royal cool look.
  • This can have 32 GB ROM that be expandable.
  • Have you ever experienced the third dimension and 4k, if not then this is the best device that can make you feel like you are in the movie of IRON MAN?


4) Generic Virtual Reality Box 2.0 Headset:

Generic VR box is one of the best VR headsets in India. Its 3D view gives you the best quality to make you feel like you are seeing the thing in that box is in real and also it’s doesn’t create irritation. As clearly if you are a movie and a web series show that will give no harm to your sensitive eyes but else overuse of it will give you some headache too. Well, I am not a Doctor but giving you free tips too.


  • Generic VR box is among the Best VR box’s that come with a black and white color dashing look.
  • It’s adjustable and extra-durable T- shaped straps make you fit and with different peoples and can be fitted on any children’s head too.
  • Enjoy its best 3-D Videos that give you extra pixels to see the real world in this virtual device and let it make you the best experience of your life.
  • Ok, now we will find out the compatibility with the devices, it is best with android and with ios phones both.
  • Its 6.O inch display with extra good quality has a wide range to enjoy any video in 3-D and enjoy with its extra good pixels that will never make your eyes blink.
  • Its extra lightweight of 500 grams will give a better handling and adjustable experience to this device.
  • This product comes with the dimensions of 13.5*19.45*11.0 cm super cool Bull mark Fashion model with the next-generation technology.
  •  As, it supports lets, Netflix, and compatible with all kinds of devices will make you enjoy every second you are using this great product.


5) HTC Vive Cosmos Headset:

HTC Vive Cosmos is the best VR headset in India in the good price range. HTC Vive Cosmos is the upgraded version of Vive and Vive pr. These are impressive cool dashing look headsets with the best quality material used to clear your all the doubts. Let’s read about its specifications and features.


  • HTC Vive Cosmos best VR headset in India upgraded VR box headsets with all new technical features.
  • These are having best Motion Controller sensors, and better grip that fits your heads and never let these fall from your head.
  • The new design with 6 cameras on the box will track your position and monitor all the actions that will provide you a comfortable experience.
  • It comes with the prime cool colors with black, blue with white greyish strips on it.
  • Sensors that control your gestures and help you to make you feel like in the real-world experience.
  • In comparison with other devices like Oculus rift s and Oculus quest, it is having a better supporting system and technology.
  • These are Gaming type of Virtual Reality box that makes you feel better when you are playing games with your friends and seeing movies.
  • It’s a light weighted product and fits on every head size and also gets easy connect with all android and ios devices.


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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):


Ques1: Do these Virtual boxes get irritation to our eyes?

Ans: No, these all devices come with ultra eye protection lenses and use it wisely to see the Full HD movies.


Ques2: From where we can buy this VR box to our home?

Ans: You can easily buy these from AMAZON, the best website for online marketing.


Ques3: Do these devices have the warranty and can be adjustable to get fit on any head size?

Ans: Yes, these devices come with 1- Year Warranty, and yes these all devices can be fitted to every head size, and adjustable lenses can give you better video quality.



These top-5 best VR headset in India are of so much use nowadays as cinemas are on lockdown and in the future too we will not likely to go and enjoy with our friends in cinemas, at that time this Virtual Reality Box comes to help us and give full enjoyment with our friends and family members. I recommend trying at least one of these headsets and make the best deal with AMAZON.

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