Top-5 Best Juicer Mixer Grinder Company Under 3000 in India 2021 || Honest Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

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Hey! Guys, How are you? I hope you are all fine and safe. So In this blog, we’ll talk about yet another gadget which is not a mobile gadget but a very essential one which is a juice mixer. So today we are present the best mixer grinder under 3000 rupees.

Some of the best companies in the field of kitchen appliances. Its newly launched mixer machine has to be the kitchen king. It is the most helpful and versatile product which can enhance n your kitchen.

1. Prestige Iris Mixer Grinder, 750W, 3 Stainless Steel Jar + 1 Juicer Jar

The 3 stainless steel containers and comes with a transparent juicer provides you the perfect grinding and juicing. The 750 watts of the best juicer mixer grinder is designed to make dishes quick and effortless. Prestige is one of the reliable companies for kitchen appliances. They provide tons of features in any of their gadgets.

Best Juicer Mixer Grinder

More Specifications:-

• Hassel free operation:- This mixie is multi-purpose, this prestige mixer grinder serves different purposes. You can also grind hard food items and it perfectly blends the items.

• Less possibility of Rust:- This prestige mixi has the least possibility of rust because it comes in stainless steel and you can also wipe and wash the mixie grinder also.

• Fewer space requirements:- It is less spacious which means it can also fit into a compact home.

• Transparent design:- The transparent blender design lets you see the grinding and blending process easily.

• Powerful Motor:- The 750-watt motor grinds the hard food item in a smooth texture form. It is easy to use and gives you the perfect blending experience.


2. Cello Grind N Mix Ertiga 500-Watt Juicer Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars

Cello is with us for ages, serving you the best for generations, in every space of your home. Cello had now made us a part of your family. Cello wants to strengthen this relationship by offering more.
The Cello Grind N Mix Ertiga is a user-friendly appliance to serve you in your multitasking works in the kitchen. Cello mixer grinder offers easy operation with fast motions for smooth textures.

Cello Mixer Grinder

More Specifications:-

• Safe to use:- This mixi is safe to use, because, this mixie comes with a powerful motor that consumes 500 watts to operate proficiently.

• Tough inner body:- This cello mixie comes with a tough interior body and comes with SS blades inside for fine grinding and blending process.

• Secure cooking:- This is the best mixer grinder under 3000 because it provides secure blending and grinding. Nylon lid holds the jar tightly to prevent spillage.

• Selector knob:- this cello juicer online comes with three types of grinding speed which maintains the right grinding speed for the food items for a perfect and smooth batter.

• Easy to clean:- Cello is the best juicer, mixer, grinder because it is easy to clean because of their wide mouths for perfect cleaning and accessibility for their long last and freshness.


3. Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder, 500W, 3 Jars

The Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinders is a long-lasting kitchen appliance that is made of stainless steel which is corrosion free and has a vacuum lock for easy operation. It comes in variant colors made of stainless steel jars for versatile operations. This mixie is multi-purposes and comes in various works in the kitchen.

Bajaj Mixer Grinder

More Specifications:-

• powerful motor:- This Bajaj mixer machine is of 500W motor which is powerful enough to do various tasks. This mixi blends and grinds with such perfection.

• 3 Speed Control:- This makes grinding and blending more easier because it comes with speed control so that you can decrease and increase the speed accordingly without overloading the system.

• Elegant Body design:- This bajaj mixer grinder has an elegant and sturdy body design with superb sturdiness and easy-grip handles.

• Multifunction blade system:- This mixie is multifunctional which blends and grinds the hard food items into the smooth texture and it also serves you for different purposes.

• Rustproof Body:- The cello mixer grinder has a good rust-proof body and of long-lasting quality. The premium quality of ABS plastic will not corrode.


4. Crompton Ameo 750-Watt Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars

At Crompton, we assure you that kitchen requirements and kitchen appliances met strongly with Crompton. Adding Indian flavors to the food items with the Crompton mixi.To enjoy the finest grind experience with our newly launched Crompton Mixer grinder. This mixer machine comes with unbelievable mixie grind technology that offers the finest grind batters with its elegant looks.

Best Juicer Mixer Grinder

More Specifications:-

• Powerful copper motor:- The Crompton mixer machine powerful 750-watt ensures that grinder runs proficiently and it grinds finest particles to the smooth texture.

• Enhanced Motor Ventilation:- This is the best mixer grinder because it enables lower heating and fast cooling technology which increases the product life.

• Inbuilt Pulse Switch:- It comes with 3 in bug speed control for the consistent grind particles and smooth texture you can adjust the speed accordingly.

• Fine Grinding Technology:- This is the best Mixer grinder because it equipped with sharp blades, it smoothly blends every hard particle.


5. Havells Aspro 500-Watt Juicer Mixer Grinder

Prepare your meals easily as this mixer grinder from Havells is a life savior. This mixer grinder comes in a user-friendly design with unique features and specifications to make the process seamless and hassle-free. Its vibrant color adds more beauty to the house,
It is perfect for the contemporary household. Its efficient motor grinds a d blends each particle so proficiently.

best juicer mixer grinder


More Specifications:-

• Ergonomic features:- This Havells mixer grinder has user-friendly handles that make it easier to put something and has a lock pattern on the lid for no leakage.

• Speed Control dials:- It is most important to regulate speed controls of a mixie grinder because different food items need a different type of blending and grinding.

• Rustproof:- This Havells juicer online comes with stainless steel jars which is corrosion free and it also makes them sturdy.

• Sleek design:- Havells is the best juicer mixer grinder because their features are also efficient but their looks are also appreciable. Havells mixi comes in various colors whichever suits in your kitchen.



So, here we come to an end in today’s blog. I hope you, Luke, my article on the top best mixer grinder under 3000. If you are interested in buying any of the juicers online, you can get it from the button given down below. You can directly land it to Amazon site, from where you can buy any of the above juicer mixers online. If you like to read my blogs please like and subscribe to the newsletter given down below for more further updates. These are all reliable and trustworthy companies so get carefree and order the stuff.

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