Top-10 Best Earphones Under 500 || Pocket-Friendly Or Budget Earphones In 2021

Do you want to buy good and low budget earphones? Today we have brought for you the best earphones under 500. In this blog post, we will talk about 10 such earphones that have a good sound quality and design. If you are a music lover or you like listening to songs, then this blog is for you. So without wasting any time let’s get started.

best earphones under 500


We Are Introduces Top-10 Best Earphones Under 500

3) Hastag Mi 2
4) ARTIS E 400M
7) JBL C50HI
9) Sony Xperia XA
10) Philips SHE1525BK/94


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Boat Basshead 242 wired sports are the best earphones under 500. You will experience HD sound that will take you in a different mood when you change the songs and hear the world of melody with this sporty earphones.

best earphones under 500


  • Boat Bassheads 242 comes with HD crystal clear sound.
  • This earphone is having 10mm dynamic Drivers.
  • Super coated cable protects its inner wire from getting any damage.
  • It comes with IPX 4 which makes it sweat and water resistance.
  • Also, it comes with in-mic and carries a pouch.
  • The boat Basshead 242 has a 3.5 straight jack that is compatible with any device.
  • The most important thing you will notice is its extra secure Fit ear hooks that will never take your earphones to get down from ears.
  • Its weight is 16 grams and dimensions are 120*1*1 cm that will don’t feel any load on your ears.

One question arises when you buy any product that is-

Q1. Does it have any warranty?
Ans. Yes, this earphone comes with a 1-year warranty.

Q2. Where we will buy the product with the best deals?
Ans. Amazon is the best selling online market where you can find all the electronic goods and other stuff very easily and at your affordable price.


This earphone comes out with good HD and clear sound. Also, a cool outer look makes it to use in outdoor places. Extra fit in-ears makes it wear in gyms. Hence, this product is the multidimensional used product to buy these best headphones in just Rs. 499 at Amazon.


pTron Boom Evo earphone comfortable and regular usable earphone. This cool looking earphone is the best earphones under 500 as it gives you a clear cut and good base that that will give you extra durability. Its superior sound gives the golden melody touch to the music.

best earphones under 500


  • Ptron earphone comes with dual driver and In-ear technology with tall pipe support.
  • This earphone has a cool looking design with 45 tilt in-ear with a comfortable fit in your ears.
  • Some technologies which will make it superior are :
  • Inbuilt Mic.
  • Good clear sound quality.
  • Great extra comfort fit.
  • Quad-core with 2 unit move speakers.
  • Having inbuilt button by that pressing twice you can change music, press once to play or stop
  • It comes with a Black rounded cover.
  • Noice Cancellation technological design is built in it so that you can hear unstoppable music.

This pTron earphone is best to be used for long durability. Its comfortable fit and good look come with black color and golden ring design. This product is best available on Amazon.


  • Hastag Mi 2 in EAR HEADPHONE

Hastag Mi 2 earphones are heaving true bass quality. If you are a fan of hearing good loud music then this is the best earphones under 500. Just select the right choice and just hear what your heart says.

best earphones under 500


  • Hastag Mi 2 is best for its high bass.
  • It is having a voice assistant installed in it.
  • Looking wise its cool.
  • The outstanding combination of these bright and trendy colors makes it feel good.
  • This earphone comes with a 3.5mm L-shaped jack.
  • It’s lightweight and comfortable.
  • Having a 10 mm Dynamic Driver with 16-ohm speaker resistance.
  • 1-button remote microphone is installed in it.
  • This earphone will easily fit in your ears.

Hastag Mi 2 is the best earphone in the affordable price range. This cool looking earphone has the HD microphone inbuilt. If you are a college-going student then you must select this earphone. You can easily buy this on the AMAZON link given below.


  • ARTIS E 400M in eaR Headphones

Artis e 400m earphones come with a mic pre-installed in it. This best earphones under 500 have good bass and clarity when you hear any song. If you are a game player then this the best earphone under the range of 500. This earphone compatible with every device and easily fitted in your ears.

best earphones under 500


  • ARTIS E 400M in eaR Headphones is having a built-in mic.
  • It is having a Dynamic voice.
  • You feel like ergonomic/comfortable when your melody.
  • These earphones are ultra-lightweight.
  • This in-ear headphone is having 15 mm, powerful sound drivers.
  • Also, we are getting 3 pairs of different sized earbuds/caps.
  • Its sharp and clear music will give you relief.
  • This will provide you hands-free calling.
  • Its weight is 50 grams only.
  • And its extra fit never let them down from ears.

Best Earphones Under 500ARTIS E 400M in-earphones are the best since they are heaving mic and you will be handsfree when you get any call you can simply click on the button and enjoy this new technology earphone. I will personally recommend you to buy these earphones.



BOULT AUDIO BASSBUDS STORM-X are the best earphones under 500, this earphone really makes a storm voice when you hear music from these good quality earphones. This will make you comfortable and its high bass and clear voice make you feel the melody of the music.

best earphones under 500


  • These earbuds come with the snug fit which fits into your ears.
  • Kevlar reinforced cable makes it extra strong.
  • Its unexpected audio experience with extra bass makes you like you are in Dj.
  • With the help of technology, this creates 3d acoustic sound and you will easily feel comfortable.
  • Micro woofers make it affordable.
  • Premium metallic drivers come with neodymium magnetic drivers.
  • Its dimensions are 8*6*1.50 and weigh 49.9 g.
  • The noise cancellation feature gives you no more distraction.

BOULT AUDIO BASSBUDS STORM-X in-Ear Earphones come out with good quality and clear sound. Also, a cool outer look makes it to use in outdoor places. Extra fit in-ears makes it wear in gyms. Hence, this product is the multidimensional used product to buy these best headphones in just Rs. 349 only at Amazon.


  • BOAT BASSHEAD 152 || Best Earphones Under 500

Boat earphones BassHeads 152 is the truly wired earphones that come with a pocket-friendly price tag of Rs 499 only. These earphones give you a surround sound with the ultimate experience of listening, with a metallic frame with no fear of any damage that causes with the plastic body frame, these earphones have a sporty look with an ultimate quality that will not let your money down.

best earphones under 500


  • Boat BassHead 152 comes with a surround sound with ultimate bass.
  • These earphones emitted with All 3.5mm Jack device which is compatible with all devices.
  • You can communicate with hands-free on mobile phone with an inbuilt mic.
  • The boat also gives you a premium audio experience with a 1mm driver to boost up your Bass in Bass152.
  • Bass 152 is built with a protective wire covering that protects your earphones with any outer damages.
  • These are built with a metallic frame that will last long.
  • It is built with Dual Tone braided cable for a soft feel and for a tangle-free cable so now you will not waste your time simply making your cable tangle-free.
  • It is just 19 grams in weighing that feel so light and comfortable for your ears.

Q1. Does the question arise before buying this product that it actually comes with a warranty or not?

Ans: Yes, it comes with a one year warranty.

Q2. Best e-commerce website to buy this product?

Ans: Amazon is the best e-commerce website to buy this kind of product at a reasonable price.


These earphones come with an ultimate bass boosted surround sound, with support of a 3.5mm jack make it easy to compatible with any device and a dual-tone braided cable for a tangle-free and now you will don’t waste your time to make it tangle-free, with an affordable price of Rs.499.


  • JBL C50HI in-Ear Headphones

JBL earphones C50HI is a premium quality best earphones under 500 which gives you and your ears a pleasant surround sounds with active noise cancellation provides a better sound and emitted with a one-button with a universal controlling system that provides a quick active of Google assistant or Siri with one button and these all comes with an amazing price tag of Rs.499 only.

best earphones under 500


  • JBL is known for its Bass surround sound which provides you a crystal clear sound with ultimate Bass.
  • These earphones come with a Fidelity twin cable which provides a tangle-free cable and long-lasting built quality.
  • It is a lightweight earphone that provides an ultra-soft feel for your ears and also with extra 3 ear tips.
  •  JBL always provides a noise isolation microphone in their high range products but in these earphones, you are also getting these benefits at an affordable price.
  • It comes with a dashing Black color which gives you an extra stylish look, between your friends.
  • The weight is just 13 grams which makes it an ultra-light in weight.
  • It comes with an affordable price of Rs.499.

These earphones are not just normal earphones it is a premium quality which comes with lots of features which makes your music listening easier and reliable 

With a pocket-friendly price that ensures a perfect crystal-clear Bass with surround sound and no need for cable length, the cable length is about 1.2m now need worries about cable can buy this amazing product at AMAZON with a 1-year warranty time period.



Best earphones under 500 || The boat is known for its affordable price range which provides its consumers with better quality earphones, Boat Bass Heads 100 is a truly wired earphone with ultimate bass quality and a supportive 1mm diver for a rhythmic response for your music it is a stylish hawk inspired design earphones having a price tag of just Rs.398.

best earphones under 500


  • These are the most stylish earphones with an amazing HAWK design inspired which makes you stand out from the crowd.
  • It comes with a perfect length cable of 1.2m which is a good length in such a price tag.
  • These in-earphones come with an HD microphone which enables you to talk while standing in a crowd with a crystal clear sound quality and an outer noise cancellation.
  • Bass Head100 are completely impeccable in-earphones that would not fall out from your ears while listening to your favorite music.
  • It has a universal single-button option that is capable of making your music play/pause or even pick your phone calls.
  • It also a built-in noise isolation mic that ensures that you don’t miss your phone calls.

Q1. A question arises that all features come in what price tag?

Ans: It comes with a price tag of Rs.398 you can these on AMAZON.


boAt BassHead 100 gives you an ultimate experience in such an affordable price tag that couldn’t match with any other price tag providing a good length cable with a HAWK inspire design which makes you stand out from the crowd, with all features inbuilt like mic which insure you don’t make any of yours calls.


  • Sony Xperia XA Ultra Earphone

Best earphones under 500 || AS sony is famous is for its Xperia smartphones but they also make all class XA ultra Earphone that emitted with a Boult’s Neodymium audio system which gives you punchy and deep bass with an extremely affordable price tag of Rs 345.

best earphones under 500


  • It has a good quality 10mm driver with a 16ohm resistance speaker duo to which it gives a deep surround sound with good quality of experience.
  • It has a noise-canceling microphone which provides a noise-free calling.
  • It is also compatible with any device that you have.
  • It comes with a reasonable price of Rs.345
  • The cable length is pretty good enough of 2.3 meters

It is an effective standard earphone that comes with a good quality of surround sound with a noise cancellation system that is enough for the better and deep sound with good quality of Bass system.


  • Philips SHE1525BK/94 || Best Earphones Under 500

It is a perfect design earphone with a perfect design for your ears that will not fall down easily due to minimal ear design fatigue and minimal branding, it has a top-notch sound system with an appropriate perfect seal fitting.

best earphones under 500


  • It comes with an inbuilt microphone factor that gives you an uninterrupted calling feature.
  • These earphones have a long-lasting built quality that is enough to last long 
  • It consists of a 1.2-meter cable which suitable for outdoor use.
  • It has a price tag of Rs.369 and easily be available on AMAZON.

The Philips SHE1525BK in-earphone is an amazing best earphones under 500 which give you an amazing feature with good quality built that will last long having a 1.2 meter of cable is good enough for outdoor usages like in during workouts and running.

Philips promises good quality of earphones at an affordable price tag Rs.369.

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