Amazon Echo 4th Generation Review | Premium Sound Powered by Dolby and Alexa

Do you wish for a Bluetooth speaker according to your needs at an affordable price, then this article is for you.

Before buying an electronic gadget, you should do thorough research and then buy it. Today we are going to discuss the Amazon echo 4th generation review.

It is very important to choose a speaker that gives a soothing effect to your ears and which is easy to operate, Echo Bluetooth speaker is a perfect example of such speakers.

It offers HD quality Dolby sound, especially the bass response; it is surprisingly phenomenal. Its round shape makes it look cute and its LED light at the bottom is just like a cherry on top.

Due to its lightweight, it is very portable and travels friendly. You can carry it in a small bag and keep it anywhere on a flat surface. It is also available in a variety of colors so you can choose according to your choice.

Let’s see some features, specifications & reviews of this Amazon echo 4th generation.


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Amazon echo 4th generation review


Amazon Echo 4th Generation Review



  • Design- The old cylindrical-shaped Echo speaker is out now, Amazon has changed it into spheres or round shapes. And this Echo is 5 inches ball with a flat bottom so it does not roll over, basically, it looks like a melon in shape and it also gives a death star vibe. The upper portion of the speaker is made up of fabric material and at the lower section, it has its 4 buttons of volume +, volume -, microphone mute, and the action button which allows the speaker to play songs without saying it to Alexa.


  • Sound- The Amazon echo 4th generation also has a fuller cavity at the back of the woofer for better quality sound especially the bass sound. It is deeper and hollow inside which allows it to have 2 tweeters of 8 inches. It gives maximum space to the speaker to radiate bass. Amazon changed it into a round shape to improve its acoustic features. It also makes this Echo speaker more portable and easy to place anywhere. Now Echo’s woofer is directed at 45 degrees at the front.


  • Color- It is available in too many varieties of colors like black, grey, blue, and white to satisfy all types of choices.


  • It weighs standard according to other Bluetooth speakers that are only 976.76 gms.


  • This Echo speaker is of 4th Generation which is the more updated version of the speaker.


  • There is also a jack of 3.5 mm which allows the speaker to get connected with the larger music system.


  • It is not chargeable in nature; it is operated with an Echo dot plug.


  • The Echo speaker also has a built-in radio which allows you to connect it directly with any audio source according to your convenience.


  • It also has cool and entertaining Alexa’s signature LED lights at the bottom side of the speaker.


  • This Echo speaker controls other smart home gadgets, appliances through Alexa which allows you to relax and carry on the household work.


  • It is excellent at picking up voices while playing music.


  • It streams billions of songs from all well-known digital platforms like Spotify, Amazon, Jio Saavn, and many more.


  • It comes with 4 microphones and Alexa can hear commands from across the room.

Amazon echo 4th generation reviewCheck Best Price


Product Specifications

  • Brand- Amazon
  • Model number- L4S3RE
  • Dimension- 14.45×14.45×13.46cm
  • Connectivity- It supports dual-band Wi-Fi networks, 3x mics, Zigbee, Bluetooth



  • Upgraded design
  • Dolby audio
  • Bluetooth and jack both options are there
  • Very simple to set up and use
  • You can stream from numerous music store
  • Hands-free call
  • Affordable



  • No USB port
  • Listening to Indian streaming services are limited


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Final verdict

Overall, it is quite impressive as a Bluetooth speaker. It is very hard to get a standard sustainable 4th generation Bluetooth speaker but it is quite low-priced with a high-quality sound.

It has both Bluetooth and jack options to choose so it’s quite convenient to buy.

It has Alexa which can get paired with other home appliances of your home so you can relax and carry out all the other household work and enjoy your leisure time.

As it is very easy to set up and use so anyone can operate this speaker. It gets to connect with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth both so it is very convenient to buy and you can pair a variety of music apps so it is definitely a smart and option to choose and buy, you won’t regret.

What are you waiting for?; grab your Amazon echo 4th generation by clicking on the below-mentioned link.

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