boAt Airdopes 451 vs 441 – Comparison Which One To Buy? – Review | Features & Specification

boAt Airdopes 451 vs 441 – The boAt is one of the best brands that is being continuously giving us the best electronic items like earphones, headphones, airdopes, and many more things.

As today’s technology is on the boom, this speed of growing technology creating the innovation and also boat is providing the enormous airdopes 451 and 441 this year that gives good sound quality and high bass.

Which is the best among boAt Airdopes 451 vs 441, as both comprise of many more features and good technology, we got some of the good features like high bass and good sound quality with clarity.


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boAt Airdopes 451 vs 441


Comparison Table- boAt Airdopes 441 vs boAt Airdopes 451


SpecificationBoat Airdopes 441Boat Airdopes 451
Dimensions7 x 3.8 x 3 cm7 X 3.876x 2.9cm
Weight50 grams49 grams
Type-C chargingNoYes
Insta Wake N Pair TechnologyYesYes
Playback Time(with one go)5 Hrs3.5 Hrs
Extra battery backup timing (with case)25 Hrs30 Hrs
Compatibility and connectivityCompatible with all devices and have Bluetooth v5.0 technology.Compatible with all smart devices, tablets, laptops, and has Bluetooth v5.O tech.
Lithium Battery Capacity500 mAH500 mAH
IPX technology RatingIPX7 technology ( water, sweat-resistant, and shock resistance too)IPX6 technology (water and splash resistance)


boAt Airdopes 441

In this blog firstly, we are talking about boat Airdopes 441 in which the IP rating, battery life, charging time, and LED indicators are some of the specifications and let’s see what are some of the more specifications and features in this boAt airdopes 441.

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Specifications And Features:

  • Boat airdopes 441 are truly wireless comes with the latest technology and also you get some of the amazing features.
  • This boAt airdopes 441 comes with capacitive touch controls that can give them a smart touch with the latest technology used in it.
  • The dimension of this product is 7 x 3.8 x 3 cm which is quite good and its nice meeting is for every ear size.
  • The great of this airdopes 441 is only 50 grams which is much lighter and cannot feel any load on your ears when you wear it you feel so light and comfortable.
  • This boAt airdopes 441 comes with extra sound clarity with high Bass that will always keep you energetic and will make you feel better.
  • It comprises of Technology which is well known as Insta wake and Pair Technology which comes in three steps fastly:

step 1 you have to open the carrying case

step 2 you should take the power on and the ear-Buds will automatically end connection mode 

step 3 just take out those earbuds from the charging case and that will automatically will be connected to your device your smartphone or any iOS featured phone or Tablet or any laptop

  • This boAt airdopes 441 are in-ear tops which I will give you better connectivity with the Bluetooth v5 technology which will help your device (compatible with any device like smartphones iOS devices laptops and tablets) to be connected with it very fastly and easily.
  • The Hardware box contains 6 items like user manual, charging case, boat airdopes 441, charging cable additional earmuffs, and 1- warranty card.
  • boAt airdopes 441 having good sound quality and you can easily buy online from Amazon that is the best-selling website for any electronic items for home use items with the best deals.


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boAt Airdopes 451

Boat airdopes the best year of that has been made by the brand boat which is totally made in India as this boAt airdopes 451 are wireless best sound quality with super high Bass the best part of this year dogs are the day contain the type C port for charging and super touch controls make these Airdopes 451 futuristic let’s see some of the features and specification of these boat airdopes 451.

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Specification And Features:

  • boAt airdopes 451 comes with high bass and HD sound quality which will make you enjoy the music you want to play.
  • This has immersive audio and the super touch control will help you to pause and start the music in between any call or the changing of songs by only a touch tap to it.
  • The dimension of boAt airdopes 451 is 7 X 3.876x 2.9cm that looks fit and also comfortable with every ear size.
  • The weight of boAt airdopes 451 is only 49 grams that makes the lightest airdopes all other airdopes.
  • These Airdopes 451 is being compatible with all the devices having Bluetooth technology like smartphones, Androids, iOS versions like apple, tablets, and even laptops.
  • The charging case of boat airdopes 451 is compatible with one Lithium polymer battery which is 500 and gives you 4 times extra charging with the airdopes inside it can give you easily 5 hours of playback music and 3.5 hours of battery backup of the earbuds without any charge in one go.
  • These airdopes these airdopes come with ipx6 technology which makes them water and sweat resistant and also it can be said that if it contains this technology it also made it shock resistant too.
  • It can give you a single touch instant voice assistant with the confirmation with ok Google and Siri.
  • This boAt airdopes 451 contains the filtration technology which is known as an Insta wake and pair technology which in short known as I.W.P technology which will help you to connect with your device to this year’s top very fastly and easily.
  • The hardware box contains 1-Airdopes 451, 1-charging case, 1-charging cable, 2 pairs of ear cups, a user manual, and a 1-warranty card.


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Frequently Asked Question (F.A.Q)


Ques 1: Which is best among Boat Airdopes 451 vs 441?

Ans: You can find both Airdopes best to choose one is a tough task as but of these airdopes are having better technology and features. You can see look too that gives some difference, so I had personally tried both and want to tell you it can be a draw from my view.


Ques 2: Do these have a warranty card and new I.W.P technology?

Ans: Yes, they both come with the warranty card and has insta wake n pair technology that makes it connect fastly and easily.


Ques 3: Which among them have better sound and bass that can blow your mind?

Ans: Boat Airdopes 451 have somehow had better bass but the same crystal clear sound in both, personally I like them both. Also, we can compare with Type C charging that comes with Boat Airdopes 451 gives you a better feature.



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Final Verdict:

In today’s blog, we have compared boAt Airdopes 451 vs 441, tell me your choice about which product you liked.

As both airdopes are one of the best one of this best Brand of India i.e. boAt. We can compare the two things on the basis of technology as both of them have somehow the best technology only difference comes in battery backup and Type-C charging on the basis of that you can select one.

You can grab offers on the world’s best online shopping website that is Amazon.

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